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Student Internship, Fellowship Opportunities



SPIE Student Chapter at DSU - Summer 2014, DSU brought this national organization to the campus. Opportunities for internships, scholarships, and professional development for UG and graduate students (M.S. and Ph.D.) in the field of optics research. Visit the website for more information.


Pursuing careers in the science and technology fields requires much preparation, not only academically, i.e., in the classroom, but also outside of the classroom. Equally important to student academics is: acquiring practical experience - gaining lab experience while engaging in research projects, and summer internships; securing funding for educational pursuits - applying to fellowships and scholarships; and  availing one's self to professional development opportunities - attending conferences, symposia, and meetings, and holding memberships in professional associations in his or her intended discipline. Download a copy of the 2014 - 2015 CMNST Scholarships and Support Programs Guide/Application here.   Listed below are just a few of our recurring internship and scholarship opportunities for DSU students majoring in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. We endeavor to keep our resources updated on a semi-regular basis, however, additional resources may be available by contacting your department chairperson, referring to department bulletin boards and receiving email notifications.   Program  Website Program Contact Program Dates Deadline Majors/Discipline Interests OSCAR Summer 2014 Research Internship - Students spend 8 wks in the lab, receive stipends of $3,000, plus room & board. (Open to US citizens or permanent residents.)   OSCAR website Download flyer & application Mrs. Jackie Jones, June 2 - July 25, 2014 March 7, 2014 Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science Special interests: Atomic & Molecular Optics; Optical Solitons; Data Mining; Astrobiology; Laser Spectroscopy; Biophotonics; Laser Gyroscope; Biomedical Imaging DSU IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence - Biomedical research-related majors may apply to gain valuable research experiences with faculty researchers in related topics of interest. Stipends available.   DSU INBRE website Download pdf Dr. Eric B. Kmiec, Director; Ms. Lizette Camacho, contact  Fall, Spring and Summer semesters (as available) For fall, Sept. 12, 2014 Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences Also, Agricultural Sciences MARC U*STAR Program - Rising juniors and seniors pursuing Ph.D. and MD/Ph.D. degrees in biomedical sciences may apply to this research training program.    MARC U*STAR website Download pdf Dr. Noureddine Melikechi, Director; Ms. Chanequa Watson, contact Fall, Spring and Summer semesters Beginning Summer 2014, now accepting applications Biomedical related sciences (refer to website for details) RISE-Scholar Program - Freshmen or sophomores may apply, majoring in STEM, or agriculture science degrees.   MBRS RISE website Download pdf Dr. Cynthia van Golen, Fall, Spring and Summer semesters Rolling submission dates Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences and Agricultural Sciences R&D Summer Intern Program at Dow AgroSciences - Open to all level students pursuing Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate, this paid internship program requires a commitment to relocate to Dow AgroSciences headquarters area (in Indiana) between months of May and August. Program website Download flier Program admin: Karen Richardson, May through August Now accepting applications through Nov. 1, 2014  Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science (informatics) and Agriculture-related disciplines, including biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology, plant breeding, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, surface chemistry, engineering (chemical, biological, material, or optical) and informatics (bio and chem)     Link to External Internship Opportunities for: Undergraduates Post doctoral opportunities NASA-supported internships, fellowships and scholarships Graduate school financial support programs (NSF) Summer internships for STEM majors   Back to College Homepage (c) Copyright 2014 DSU CMNST, Dover, Delaware 19901. All rights reserved.  

RISE-Scholars Program

  Program Overview DSU’s MBRS RISE-Scholar program provides research training and financial support to students majoring in science or mathematics who are interested in pursuing a career in biomedical science. Academically-promising students selected as RISE-scholars will be awarded $2400 per semester and will be partnered with a faculty member to carry out a research project during the academic year and participate in a paid summer internship. RISE Scholars will become part of a family of research-active faculty, students and graduate students.   RISE-Scholars meet weekly with their research mentors and dedicate 10 to 15 hours per week to their research project. RISE-Scholars must also attend a weekly “Introduction to Laboratory Research” class and complete weekly assignments. During the summer,   RISE-Scholars participate in a 9-week, paid research internship either at DSU or another partnering University.   Selection Criteria & Process    RISE-Scholars must: Be freshmen or sophomores at DSU in fall 2010 Major in science, mathematics or agricultural science Have a high school or college GPA > 3.0 Maintain a GPA > 2.8 while in the program   Submit completed applications to:   Dr. Cynthia van Golen, Program Director Delaware State University Science Center South 120 1200 N. Dupont Hwy Dover, DE 19901   Phone: 302-857-7463 Email:  Back to College Homepage


Funded by the National Institutes of Health



Program Features

  • $2,400 stipend per semester for research in biomedical field

  • involved faculty research mentoring

  • paid summer research internship

  • opportunities to present

  • weekly, specialized laboratory-training classes

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Archived Events in the CMNST

  Past CMNST Calendar events 2011 ¦ 2010 ¦ 2009 December 2011 2 - Applied Math Seminar   November 2011 8 - Dean's Lecture Seminar 15 - Dean's Lecture Seminar   October 2011 20 - Dean's Lecture Seminar   September 2011 5 - Labor Day (University closed) 15 - Convocation 16 - Applied Math Seminar August 2011 22-23 - Adjunct and Teaching Assistant training 29/30 - Classes begin   July 2011 Summer programs   June 2011 Summer programs 26-July 23 - Science and Technology Academy for Residence Scholars (STARS) program   May 2011 2-6 - Final Exams 6 - Residence Halls close @ 8 p.m. 7 - Science Extravaganza! 21-22 - Commencement Weekend   April 2011 7 - Honors Day 12 - Math Sci Lecture 14 - OSCAR Seminar 16 - Open House at DSU 20 - CMNST Integration Committee Seminar 22-25 - Easter Recess 28 - Delaware INBRE Research Symposium 28 - Last Day of Classes 29 - Reading Day   March 2011 3 - Dean's Lecture Seminar 7-11 - Spring Break 15 - Priority deadline for filing FAFSA 15 - Math Sci Lecture 16 - OSCAR Seminar 18 - CIS Club's Movie Night 24 - OSCAR Seminar 23-25 - Priority Academic Advisement 29 - Math Sci Lecture 31 - Dean's Lecture Seminar   February 2011 5 - Delaware Brain Bee (rescheduled from 1/8) 10 - Founder's Day Observed 10-11 - OSCAR Seminar 14-17 - Mid-terms administered 23 - Biology Dept. Seminar 24 - OSCAR Seminar 28 - Biology Dept. Seminar   January 2011 3 - University returns to campus 5 - Residence Halls open for new students 8 - Delaware Brain Bee (rescheduled for 2/5) 10 - Residence Halls re-open for returning students 10 - Classes begin at 4:30 p.m. 17 - Martin Luther King Jr Day Observed (Univ. Closed) 18 - Biology Dept. Seminar 24 - Inaugural Interdisciplinary Seminar   December 2010   1 - Biology Dept. Seminar 7 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 8 - Biology Dept. Seminar 9 - Last day of classes 9 - CREOSA/CAOSS Seminar 10 - Reading Day 13-17 Final exams 14 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 15 - Biology Dept. Seminar 17-January 5 - University closed for Winter Recess   November 2010   3 - Biology Dept. Seminar 4 - Dean's Lecture Series 9 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 10 - Biology Dept. Seminar 16 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 17 - Biology Dept. Seminar 19 - DSUPENN Breast Cancer Seminar 23 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 24 - Biology Dept. Seminar 25-28 - Thanksgiving Recess 30 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar   October 2010   2 - Parents & Family Day 4 - Biology Dept. Seminar 4-7 - Mid-terms 5 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 6 - Biology Dept. Seminar 12 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 14 - Physics Dept. Seminar 18 - Biology Dept. Seminar 19 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 20 - Biology Dept. Seminar 22 - CIS Dept. Seminar 25 - Biology Dept. Seminar 26 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 26 - Dean's Lecture Series 27 - Biology Dept. Seminar 28 - Physics Dept Seminar   September 2010   7 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 8 - Biology Dept. Seminar 10-17 - Homecoming 14 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 15 - Biology Dept. Seminar 15 - Dean's Lecture Series 28 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 29 - Biology Dept. Seminar   August 2010   25 - Residence Halls open for New Students 27 - Residence Halls open for Returning Students 30 - Classes begin July 2010  8 - CREOSA Seminar June 2010 Summer programs and internships begin  13-25 - ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp  27 thru July 24 - ISSP (Intensive Summer Science Program)   May 2010 3 - 6 - FINAL EXAMINATIONS 11 - Physics & Pre-Engineering Dept. Seminar 14 - Physics & Pre-Engineering Dept. Seminar 18 - Physics & Pre-Engineering Dept. Seminar 22 - Honors' Convocation 23 - Commencement April 2010 8 - CMNST STEM Seminar 17 - DSU Open House 23 - Applied Math Seminar 27 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 29 - Applied Math Seminar March 2010 4 - CREOSA Seminar 5 - DSUPENN Breast Cancer Seminar 9 - Mathematical Sciences Grad Student Meeting 11 - CREOSA Seminar 15 - 19 - Spring break 26 - DSUPENN Breast Cancer Seminar 31 - Honors' Day February 2010 11 - Founder's Day (postponed to Feb. 25th) 12 - Workshop "Peer-Led Team Learning: The Workshop Model" January 2010 9 - Delaware Brain Bee 12 - Classes begin 21 - Chemistry Dept. Seminar 28 - Physics Dept. Seminar 28 - DSUPENN Breast Cancer Seminar December 2009 3 - CREOSA Seminar 3 - CMNST & CAHSS Joint Seminar 10 - Last day of classes 11 - Reading day 14-18 Final exams 18-January 3 - University closed for Winter recess    

Grant-writing in the CMNST


Our faculty are encouraged to actively engage in Research and Innovation. Hands-on research comprises an important part of the overall educational experience afforded our students.

Writing grants within the College Research is an important part of the lifeline of the CMNST. As with every organization, department or entity, the College has a common set of processes that it uses to get things done. Here are just a few friendly reminders on how to most-efficiently get things done within the College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology. Send first notification to the CMNST Dean & Department Chair of intent to prepare grant, and whether institutional support is desired. Complete on-line notification regarding intention to submit grant at Office of Sponsored Programs. The web form is found at: If applicable, secure persons to write support letters (i.e., Dept Chairperson, Dean, Provost, President, Collaborators, external stakeholders, anyone who must deliver on a commitment for the project to succeed). Make sure to provide project information and/or draft letters to support letter-writers. Include a due date for letter receipt. Follow up on support-letters.  Submit proposed budget for review to Chairperson, Dean's Office, and OSP. (Note: Any requests for commitment of release time, space, or other resources requires prior coordination with Dean at the start of budget development. Submit these proposals to Ms. Vanessa Nesbit for Letters of Commitment by the Dean.) Finalize budget—agreed upon by PI, OSP, Chairperson, and Dean. Submit final drafts of proposal, budget, & internal processing form to Dean’s Office for Dean’s signature and forward to the Office of Sponsored Programs 7-10 business days prior to agency deadline.  Also refer regularly to the Office of Sponsored Programs page links for specifics on institutional grant-writing protocols and important forms to be used pre-, post-grant award.  Frequently used funding agency links: National Institutes of Health National Science Foundation Dept of Education Have additional questions? Contact Vanessa Nesbit at ext. 6502.   Back to College Homepage