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3rd Annual Brain Bee Competition

The 3rd Annual Brain Bee will again be hosted by the College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences & Technology on the Dover campus of Delaware State University. Local high school students will compete in demonstrating their knowledge of the nervous system. This event is scheduled to take place in Lecture Hall 223 of the Mishoe Science Center South Bldg, between 9 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.. Free and open to the public. Come and support our budding neuroscientists!

CMNST Dean's Distinguished Lecturer Series

Spring 2015 Speakers:

Dr. Timothy McKay, Arthur F. Thurnau Prof. of Physics, Astronomy, Education, Univ. of Michigan

Dr. Kennedy J. Reed, Theoretical Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

About the Lecture Series The Dean's Distinguished Lecturer Series occurs several times throughout the academic year. Featuring foremost speakers and researchers, these talks are sponsored by the Office of the Dean of the College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology and are free and open to the public. A more specialized, technical lecture, geared toward science majors, faculty, professionals (and other interested persons) is generally scheduled to take place during the morning hours on the day of the public, evening talk.   Join us. 2014-2015 Calendar Spring 2015: February 10, 2015, 6 p.m.: Dr. Timothy McKay, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Michigan (BOA 309). Topic:  “How we know the Big Bang really happened.” 11 a.m. technical lecture, Topic: “Hail to the Data: What we’re learning from Learning Analytics” (Bank of America 309). March 24, 2015, 6 p.m.: Dr. Kennedy J. Reed, Lawrence Livermore National Labs (BOA 113). Topic: “Physics in Africa.” 11 a.m. technical lecture, Topic: “Indirect Processes in Electron-Impact Ionization of Highly-Charged Ions” (Grossley Hall, Lecture Hall 112).    Fall 2014: October 7, 2014, 6 p.m.: Dr. Jeffrey R. Johnson, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory (SCN 139) Topic: "The Life and Times of Mars Rover Spirit." 11 a.m. technical lecture, Topic: "Using ChemCam on the Mars Curiosity Rover as a Reflectance Spectrometer: A Bonus Instrument on Mars” (Luna I. Mishoe Science Center N 139). November 11, 2014, 6 p.m.: Dr. Byung K. Yi, chief technology officer and executive vice president of InterDigital Labs at InterDigital Inc.  Topics and venues for both the 6 p.m. public lecture and 11 a.m technical lecture are forthcoming. November 18, 2014, 6 p.m.: Dr. Aprille Ericsson, deputy to the chief technologist, Applied Engineering and Technology Division at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (MLK Jr. Student Center, Parlor A) Topic:”A Rocket Scientist Grows up in Brooklyn (NY).” 11 a.m. technical lecture, Topic: “NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Engineering Capabilities in Advance Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, Launches and Applied Optics” (Bank of America, 309).        Back to the College Home Page  

View photos from previous events:

Dr. S. James Gates (click on photo)


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College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences & Technology Teaching Assistant Program/Science and Mathematics Skills-Development Program (SMS-DP) A program to increase retention and graduation rates of students in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines   The Science and Mathematics Skills-Development Program, a program funded by Title III, supports the incorporation of teaching assistants in several of the gatekeeper courses. The aim of the program supports the College's initiative to add 1 - to - 2 hours of student exposure to mathematics and science coursework. The goal of these additional sessions is to enhance students’ understanding of the course materials through an enhancement of their problem-solving skills and scientific reading and writing skills. Offered during the fall and spring semesters, these sessions are offered in small-class settings (averaging about 10 students, with an upper limit of 15 students) and are supervised by qualified instructors who have demonstrated their mastery of the material to be taught. Teaching Assistants (TA) for the SMS-DP program consist of a mix of adjunct professors, graduate students, and/or talented junior and senior undergraduate students. TAs receive compensation, enhanced teaching skills and are afforded opportunities for professional development.  For more information about this program, please contact your department chairperson or department designee, or Ms. Vanessa D. Nesbit.   Back to Support Programs Web Page Back to College Web Page  

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Title III SMS-DP Time and Effort Report 

TA Handbook

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Department of Physics and Pre-Engineering Faculty Profiles

Meet the faculty of the Department of Physics and Pre-Engineering   Faculty Member Contact Info Name : Noureddine Melikechi Title : Professor, Dean of the College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology, Director of CREOSA/CAOSS Office : Mishoe Science Center South Room 216-A Phone : (302) 857-6656 Email : Research Interests: Non-linear Optics Name : Patrick Gleeson Title : Adjunct Professor Office : Mishoe Science Center South Room 206 Phone : (302) 857-6652 Email : Research Interests: Low Temperature Physics Name : Gabriel D. Gwanmesia Title : Professor Office : Mishoe Science Center South Room 202 Phone : (302) 857-6653 Email : Research Interests: Material Science, High-Pressure Mineral Physics Name : Ehsan M. Helmy Title : Professor Office : Mishoe Science Center North Room 236 Phone : (302) 857-6654 Email : Research Interests: Atomic & Nuclear Physics Name : Al Sameen Khan Title : Professor Office : Mishoe Science Center South Room 208-B Phone : (302) 857-6655 Email : Research Interests: Semiconductor Materials and Devices, Photonics, Optical and Electronic Semiconductor Characterization Name : Aristides Marcano Title : Research Associate Professor Office : Mishoe Science Center South Room 225 Phone : (302) 857-6690 Email : Research Interests: Non-linear Optics, Laser Spectroscopy Name : Gour Shyam Pati Title : Assistant Professor Office : Mishoe Science Center North Room 239 Phone : (302) 857-6714 Email : Research Interests: Coherent optical phenomena in atomic medium and resonant nonlinear optics Name : Arthur Purdy Title : Adjunct Professor Office : Mishoe Science Center South Room 204 Phone : (302) 857-7480 Email : Research Interests: Solid State Physics Name : Renu Tripathi Title : Assistant Professor Office : Mishoe Science Center North Room 241 Phone : (302) 857-6298 Email : Research Interests: Non-linear Optic, Optical Coherence Tomography Name : Essaid Zerrad Title : Professor Office : Mishoe Science Center North Room 243 Phone : (302) 857-7489 Email : Research Interests: Computational Atomic Physics.   Back to Department Home Page Back to College Home Page (c) Copyright 2010 DSU CMNST, Dover, Delaware 19901. All rights reserved.  

Graduate Programs of the CMNST

The College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology is home to 12 Masters' degree programs and four (4) Ph.D. programs, in a variety of areas. Explore these program options below:   Masters programs   •          Applied Optics (M.S.) •          Biological Sciences (M.A.) •          Biological Sciences (M.S.) •          Biology Education (M.S.) •          Applied Chemistry (M.S.) (thesis optional) •          Computer Information (M.S.) •          Mathematics Education (M.S.) •          Mathematics, Applied (M.S.) •          Mathematics, Pure (M.S.) •          Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience (M.S.) •          Physics (M.S.) •          Physics Teaching (M.S.)   Doctoral programs   •             Applied Chemistry (Ph.D.) •             Interdisciplinary Applied  Mathematics and Mathematical Physics (Ph.D.) •             Neuroscience (Ph.D.)     •             Optics (Ph.D.)   Prospective students should speak with program representatives and schedule a visit to DSU. Applications should be submitted through the Office of Graduate Studies.   Back to College Home Page

Support Programs for Science Majors


2015-2016 Scholarships & Programs Guide/Application

 (download here)

For current information about scholarships and funding opportunities in your specific area of interest, contact your department chairperson.


Student support programs for science majors at DSU 2015-2016 Scholarships & Programs Guide/Application  (download here) Funding your college education, and emerging from the college experience fully prepared for the 21st century STEM workplace, is, by far, one of the most difficult challenges you will face. There are many decisions to make that will potentially impact your future, in a very short amount of time. You already know that getting good grades is important, but what else does it take to be "competitive" in the current economic climate? What more should you be doing to better position yourself to further your education? What should you be doing to develop professionally, in your field? What scholarships, awards and internships should you actively pursue?   At Delaware State University, your advisor, along with the faculty and staff of the CMNST, are part of a TEAM that is ready and willing to advise and help guide you in what the best possible path is for YOU.   Our College offers information on several support programs for students of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines seeking college funds and research training opportunities:  AMRC — Applied Mathematics Research Center Research opportunities in applied mathematics, scholarships, enrichment programs (Contact the Mathematical Sciences Dept for details.) Graduate Partnership Award Graduate student tuition and stipend support for individuals pursuing doctoral degrees in select courses of study in biomedical sciences OSCAR (Optical Science Center for Applied Research)/CREOSA (Center for Research and Education in Optical Sciences and Applications) Student research program with an emphasis on lasers and optics; scholarships, internships available Delaware EPSCoR RII — Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research Student research opportunities in biological and environmental sciences for conducting year-round or summer research working with faculty research mentors in both the College of Agriculture & Related Sciences and the College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology Bridge to the Doctorate: Greater Philadelphia AMP — Alliance for Minority Participation in the Sciences Scholarships for graduate/doctoral studies, career preparation, networking opportunities. (Contact Dr. Mazen Shahin for details.) HSRC — Hydrogen Storage Research Center  Studies in hydrogen storage and ecologically-friendly fuel storage options, scholarships and internships available. (Contact the Chemistry Dept for details.)    INBRE — Delaware INBRE - IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence Undergraduate and graduate student stipends available in biomedical science-related majors, research opportunities, enrichment programs  MARC U*STAR - Maximizing Access to Research Careers Undergraduate research training program for rising juniors and seniors interested in obtaining PhD or PhD/MD degrees in biomedical research disciplines. Annual stipend; paid, intensive on-campus and external research experiences; participation in seminars on professional development; opportunities to present; travel funding to ABRCMS.  Mathematics Preparation Program (MP2) Preparatory course open to all incoming freshmen prior to taking college-level mathematics. RISE-SCHOLARS - MBRS RISE Scholars Program Research training and financial support to students majoring in science or mathematics who are interested in pursuing a career in biomedical science.   Title III Science and Mathematics Skills-Development Program (SMS-DP) Teaching assistantships for adjuncts, graduate and talented undergraduate students to support students taking STEM gatekeeper courses. Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program  Scholarships to provide financial support to STEM juniors for three (3) years. Concentration must be in teaching K-12 STEM subjects.    Additional Resources: ROTC — Army ROTC/ Air Force ROTC Program Leadership training in preparation for Army, scholarships and stipends available Work-study/Financial Aid Needs-based criteria, based on FAFSA eligibility, as determined by Financial Aid Office*   Back to College Homepage * Scholarships: Administered through Financial Aid Office