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Kent County Science Fair 2013

2nd Annual Kent County Science Fair on the campus of    Co-sponsored by State of Delaware, Delaware State University, Delaware    The second Kent County Science Fair is open to all Kent County students, grades 5 - 12, who attend a Kent County public, charter, or private school, as well as home schooled students residing in the county.  In order to compete in the fair, student projects must be original and by the student. They can be individual or team (no more than 3 members). There is no limit on the number of teams per school, but students cannot be members of more than one team. Team projects will be evaluated using the same rules and judging criteria as individual projects. The Kent County Delaware Science Fair will follow Intel(R) International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Rules. All projects must adhere to the Kent County Delaware Science Fair's Ethics Statement and to local, state, and U.S. Federal laws, regulations and permitting conditions. Rules and Regulations can be found at Kent County Science Fair website, Guidelines, complete application with student's, parent's and Adult Sponsor's signature and all required documents may be downloaded here (3). Additional forms might be required depending on the nature of your research. Included is a summary. Refer to ISEF for more details. Mail completed application packet to Ms. Jacquelyn Jones, Delaware State University, 1200 N. DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19901. All participants must adhere to the Kent County Delaware Science Fair's Ethics Statement. ***Important Dates*** February 12, 2013 Complete Application due including Research Plan   February 17, 2013 Adult sponsors receive official notification   February 27, 2013 Set-up at DSU (1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.)   February 28, 2013 Judging at DSU (without students)   March 1, 2013 Judging (with students) and Science Fair at DSU     Teacher Training  - “Teaching Your Students How to Do  Student Research Projects”  will be held at Delaware State University on Monday, Oct. 22 from 3:30 until 5:30 pm. The training will be held in the Mishoe Science Center South room 213. Parking will be available in parking lot 1 at the front of the campus, please stop at the welcome center off of route 13 to pick up your parking pass.    Trainers  will take teachers through the process of doing a project and talk about the basic paper work involved in doing a project for the fair. Please RSVP by October 16 if you will be in attendance. The trainers need to prepare materials for all attendees, Link to Delaware Valley Science Fairs, Inc.

Delaware is serious about S.T.E.M.

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Optical Sciences Center for Applied Research (OSCAR)

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Becoming an International Visiting Scholars (J-1)

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Exchange Scholars Procedure
Becoming an International Visiting Scholar (J-1) The College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology (CMNST) welcomes the participation of graduate students of multiple ethnicities in our research programs. Such collaboration fosters the cross-pollination of innovative ideas that helps enrich the overall academic culture within the College and on the DSU campus. This page outlines the process for participating as a graduate exchange student within the College. For Students For Sponsoring Faculty   Requesting to be an exchange visiting scholar (J-1) Students wishing to be a visiting or exchange student at Delaware State University under the auspices of a Principal Investigator (PI) within the CMNST should adhere to the following procedure:  Submit a letter of request to the PI of the laboratory you intend to work with, including the following information - proposed duration, start and end date if sponsored through an external fellowship, provide proposed funding source for subsistence and incidentals (stipend, housing, meals, travel expenses, insurance) proposed funding source of international processing (visa, DS-2019) Submit a copy of current curriculum vita. Submit a copy of valid I-94 (which should be in the passport). Submit a copy of insurance information.   Exchange students should direct questions about processing the DS-2019 to the Office of International Affairs (OIA),, or (302) 857-6421.   **Upon arrival on campus, the exchange visitor is to immediately report to the OIA, and will be asked to provide a copy of the following documents: a copy of the stamped DS-2019 form a copy of the visa a copy of the I-94 card (in the passport) Insurance information Please call ahead to schedule appointment with OIA: (302) 857-6421.   Hosting an exchange visiting scholar Requestors of exchange visitors must provide the following documents to the OIA as soon as possible: Letter of request to host exchange visitor, including duration, start and end dates, source of funding and department number from which expenses will be paid. Secure approval of Chairperson of the hosting department (can sign original request form requestor). Secure approval of the Dean of College (can sign original request from requestor), before sending packet of original request to Provost for approval. Forward a copy of letter of request, copy of passport, and copy of curriculum vita to the OIA.      Back to the College Home Page        © 2012 CMNST, Delaware State University, 1200 N. DuPont Highway, Dover, DE

CMNST Dean's Distinguished Lecturer Series

State of Delaware Chief Medical Examiner
Dr. Gary L. Collins
Nov. 10th
6 p.m. Public Lecture on Challenges in Forensic Pathology

Eventbrite - Public Lecture: State Medical Examiner Discusses Challenges in Forensic Pathology

About the Lecture Series The Dean's Distinguished Lecturer Series occurs several times throughout the academic year. Featuring foremost speakers and researchers, these talks are sponsored by the Office of the Dean of the College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology and are free and open to the public. A more specialized, technical lecture, geared toward science majors, faculty, professionals (and other interested persons) is generally scheduled to take place during the morning hours on the day of the public, evening talk.   Join us. 2015-2016 Calendar Fall 2015: November 10, 2015, 6 p.m.: Dr. Gary L. Collins, State of Delaware Chief Medical Examiner (SCN 139) Topic: A Discussion of Challenges in Forensic Pathology." 11 a.m. technical lecture, Topic: "From Crime Scene to the Courtroom” (Science Center South 223). ​     Back to the College Home Page  

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College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences & Technology Teaching Assistant Program A program to increase retention and graduation rates of students in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines The Science and Mathematics Skills-Development Program, a program initially funded by Title III, supports the incorporation of teaching assistants in several of the gatekeeper courses. The aim of the program supports the College's initiative to add 1 - to - 2 hours of student exposure to mathematics and science coursework. The goal of these additional recitations and study sessions is to enhance students’ understanding of the course materials through an enhancement of their problem-solving skills and scientific reading and writing skills. Offered during the fall and spring semesters, these sessions are offered in small-class settings (averaging about 10 students, with an upper limit of 15 students) and are supervised by qualified instructors who have demonstrated their mastery of the material to be taught. Teaching Assistants (TA) for the program consist of a mix of adjunct professors, graduate students, and/or talented junior and senior undergraduate students. TAs receive compensation, enhanced teaching skills and are afforded opportunities for professional development.  For more information about this program, please contact your department chairperson or department designee, or Ms. Vanessa D. Nesbit.   Back to Support Programs Web Page Back to College Web Page  

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Teaching Assistant (TA) Forms & Resources

Title III Time and Effort Report 

TA Handbook

CMNST Events Calendar

  Upcoming Events Aug 2010 ¦ Sept 2010 ¦ Oct 2010 ¦ Nov 2010 ¦ Dec 2010 ¦ Jan 2011 ¦ Feb 2011 ¦ Mar 2011 ¦ Apr 2011 ¦ May 2011 ¦ Jun 2011 ¦ Jul 2011 ¦ Aug 2011 ¦ Sept 2011 ¦ Oct 2011 ¦ Nov 2011 ¦ Dec 2011 ¦ Jan 2012 ¦ Feb 2012 ¦ Mar 2012 ¦ Apr 2012 ¦ May 2012 ¦ Jun 2012 ¦ July 2012 ¦ Aug 2012 ¦ Sept 2012 ¦ Oct 2012 ¦ Nov 2012 ¦ Dec 2012 ¦ Jan 2013 ¦ Feb 2013 ¦ Mar 2013 ¦ Apr 2013     April 2013 4 - Honors' Day 9 -  Dean's Distinguished Lecturer Series 11 - Sustainable Chemistry Seminar 13 - Spring Open House 25 - Sustainable Chemistry Seminar ^Back to top   March 2013 7 - Dean's Distinguished Lecturer Series 7 - Recruitment Visit: Life University School of Chiropractic Medicine 11-15 - Spring Break 19 - Dean's Distinguished Lecturer Series 26 - Neuroscience Research Center Seminar 29-Apr. 1 - Easter Recess (Univ. closed) ^Back to top   February 2013 8 - Write it Write Seminar - Part II 9 - Grad Admissions Process Wkshp - Part II 14 - Founder's Day 14 - Sustainable Chemistry Seminar 18-24 - Midterms Administered 21 - Neuroscience Research Center Seminar 22 - Neuroscience Research Center Seminar 28 - Sustainable Chemistry Seminar 28 - OSCAR Seminar ^Back to top   January 2013 14 - Classes begin 21 - MLK Jr Observation (Univ. closed) 24 - OSCAR Seminar 24 - Grad School Admissions Seminar 25 - Write it Write Seminar - Part I 26 - Grad Admissions Process Wkshp - Part I 31 - OSCAR Seminar ^Back to top   December 2012 6 - OSCAR Seminar  ^Back to top   November 2012 8 - Dean's Distinguished Lecturer Series 15 - Dean's Distinguished Lecturer Series 20 - OSCAR Seminar 22-25 - Thanksgiving Recess (Univ. closed)  ^Back to top   October 2012 9 - Dean's Distinguished Lecturer Series 15 - Master's Defense - Alexey Chibisov 24 - Forensics Seminar 25 - CMNST Guest Spkr (Grad School & Biomedical Engineering) 27 - Fall Open House  ^Back to top   September 2012 13 - OSCAR Seminar 27 - MARC U*STAR Seminar  ^Back to top   August 2012 27 - Classes begin  ^Back to top   June-July 2012 Summer programs  ^Back to top May 2012 Apr. 30-May 4 - Final Exams 2 - Kent County Science Fair at DSU 11 - Senior Thesis (Bryan Greenly) 20 - 120th Commencement Ceremony  ^Back to top April 2012 4 - Q.E.D.: Natural Science Symposia Series 5 - DSU Memorial Celebration for Dr. Fatma Helmy 6-9 - Easter Recess 10 - Dean's Distinguished Lecturer Series 12 - MARC U*STAR Seminar Series 12 - DSU Honors Day 13 - MARC U*STAR Ethics Seminar 14 - Spring Open House 19 - MARC U*STAR Seminar Series 26 - Last Day of Classes 27 - Reading Day  ^Back to top March 2012 2 - Bio Sci Candidate Lecture 14 - Q.E.D.: Natural Science Symposia Series 15 - T.A. Training 16 - Bio Sci Candidate Lecture 21 - Q.E.D.: Natural Science Symposia Series 22 - MARC U*STAR Seminar Series 22 - T.A. Training 28 - Q.E.D.: Natural Science Symposia Series 30 - MARC U*STAR Ethics Seminar ^Back to top February 2012 24 - MARC U*STAR Ethics Seminar 28 - Dean's Distinguished Lecturer ^Back to top  January 2012 7- 3rd Annual Brain Bee Competition 26 - OSCAR seminar ^Back to top NOTE: *In the event function details are not included for a particular event, always contact the department office for more information.*  Back to College Home Page College Mission Page  



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Graduate Programs of the CMNST

The College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology is home to 12 Masters' degree programs and four (4) Ph.D. programs, in a variety of areas. Explore these program options below:   Masters programs   •          Applied Optics (M.S.) •          Biological Sciences (M.A.) •          Biological Sciences (M.S.) •          Biology Education (M.S.) •          Applied Chemistry (M.S.) (thesis optional) •          Computer Science (M.S.) •          Mathematics Education (M.S.) •          Mathematics, Applied (M.S.) •          Mathematics, Pure (M.S.) •          Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience (M.S.) •          Physics (M.S.)   Doctoral programs   •             Applied Chemistry (Ph.D.) •             Interdisciplinary Applied  Mathematics and Mathematical Physics (Ph.D.) •             Neuroscience (Ph.D.)     •             Optics (Ph.D.)   Prospective students should speak with program representatives and schedule a visit to DSU. Applications should be submitted through the Office of Graduate Studies.   Back to College Home Page

Support Programs for Science Majors


2015-2016 Scholarships & Programs Guide/Application

 (download here)

For current information about scholarships and funding opportunities in your specific area of interest, contact your department chairperson.


Student support programs for science majors at DSU 2015-2016 Scholarships & Programs Guide/Application  (download here) Funding your college education, and emerging from the college experience fully prepared for the 21st century STEM workplace, is, by far, one of the most difficult challenges you will face. There are many decisions to make that will potentially impact your future, in a very short amount of time. You already know that getting good grades is important, but what else does it take to be "competitive" in the current economic climate? What more should you be doing to better position yourself to further your education? What should you be doing to develop professionally, in your field? What scholarships, awards and internships should you actively pursue?   At Delaware State University, your advisor, along with the faculty and staff of the CMNST, are part of a TEAM that is ready and willing to advise and help guide you in what the best possible path is for YOU.   Our College offers information on several support programs for students of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines seeking college funds and research training opportunities:  AMRC — Applied Mathematics Research Center Research opportunities in applied mathematics, scholarships, enrichment programs (Contact the Mathematical Sciences Dept for details.) Graduate Partnership Award Graduate student tuition and stipend support for individuals pursuing doctoral degrees in select courses of study in biomedical sciences OSCAR (Optical Science Center for Applied Research)/CREOSA (Center for Research and Education in Optical Sciences and Applications) Student research program with an emphasis on lasers and optics; scholarships, internships available Delaware EPSCoR RII — Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research Student research opportunities in biological and environmental sciences for conducting year-round or summer research working with faculty research mentors in both the College of Agriculture & Related Sciences and the College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology Bridge to the Doctorate: Greater Philadelphia AMP — Alliance for Minority Participation in the Sciences Scholarships for graduate/doctoral studies, career preparation, networking opportunities. (Contact Dr. Mazen Shahin for details.) HSRC — Hydrogen Storage Research Center  Studies in hydrogen storage and ecologically-friendly fuel storage options, scholarships and internships available. (Contact the Chemistry Dept for details.)    INBRE — Delaware INBRE - IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence Undergraduate and graduate student stipends available in biomedical science-related majors, research opportunities, enrichment programs  MARC U*STAR - Maximizing Access to Research Careers Undergraduate research training program for rising juniors and seniors interested in obtaining PhD or PhD/MD degrees in biomedical research disciplines. Annual stipend; paid, intensive on-campus and external research experiences; participation in seminars on professional development; opportunities to present; travel funding to ABRCMS.  Mathematics Preparation Program (MP2) Preparatory course open to all incoming freshmen prior to taking college-level mathematics. RISE-SCHOLARS - MBRS RISE Scholars Program Research training and financial support to students majoring in science or mathematics who are interested in pursuing a career in biomedical science.   Title III Science and Mathematics Skills-Development Program (SMS-DP) Teaching assistantships for adjuncts, graduate and talented undergraduate students to support students taking STEM gatekeeper courses. Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program  Scholarships to provide financial support to STEM juniors for three (3) years. Concentration must be in teaching K-12 STEM subjects.    Additional Resources: ROTC — Army ROTC/ Air Force ROTC Program Leadership training in preparation for Army, scholarships and stipends available Work-study/Financial Aid Needs-based criteria, based on FAFSA eligibility, as determined by Financial Aid Office*     Back to College Homepage * Scholarships: Administered through Financial Aid Office   

DSU Science Programs for K-12

  Science Programs Just for Youth K-12!   "Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination."  ~John Dewey, The Quest for Certainty, 1929   The College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology is committed to providing a high-quality science-based education -- not just for university-enrolled students!      We are faculty, staff and students actively involved in inspiring and enriching the lives of the youth in our immediate (and extended) community aspiring towards careers in the natural and physical sciences through various outreach efforts. The programs listed below are available "just for youth K-12." They range from open-enrollment notices for summer camps, to information about new programs and scholarships available to graduating high school students specifically considering the sciences at DSU. Please click on the links to download information or feel free to contact the program administrators directly with inquiries.   Science Events (not necessarily during the summer) Summer Programs $$$ for College   Science Events (not necessarily during the summer) Are you a student who has an interest in science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics? Then you won't want to miss this! Join us for the 4th annual Kent County Delaware Science Fair! Senator Chris Coons and a special guest speaker will be on hand to welcome and celebrate our students grades 5-12 who will show off their aptitude for science research and compete for cool prizes. Whether you would like to compete in the research expo or you just want to come see what your peers are up to, we hope to see you there! Visit for more details.     Summer Programs What will YOU do this summer??    Now accepting applications, the Research and Engineering Program (REAP) is a 5-wk, non-residential research program open to h.s. students (grades 10-12) interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Download flier.  Back to top^       STARS at DSU! The Science and Technology Academy for Residence Scholars (STARS) program is a four-week, residential enrichment program on the campus of Delaware State University (DSU) for rising 10th – 12th grade high school students. The STARS program is designed to stimulate and extend the interest of high school students in the fields of mathematics, science, and information technology. Students will work in small group settings in science labs, computer labs, and classrooms at DSU, participating in hands-on activities in Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, English, and SAT Preparation. A limited number of scholarships are available. Dr. Mazen Shahin, Program Director. Click here to visit website and apply. Download flier. Back to top^   College $$$ for Science Students Scholarship in Mathematics and Science (SIMS) Available to Incoming Freshmen Scholarships are available to qualified incoming freshmen at DSU and offer two years of support to students who continue to meet eligibility requirements. Support is offered to meet the financial need of students defined by the Department of Education. (Cost of Attendance – Estimated Family Contribution) up to $8000. Click here to download application.  Back to top^


Science and Technology Academy for Residence Scholars STARS 2015 The Science and Technology Academy for Residence Scholars (STARS) program is a two-week residential enrichment program on the campus of Delaware State University (DSU) for rising 10th – 12th grade high school students. The STARS program is designed to stimulate and extend the interest of high school students in the fields of mathematics, science and information technology. The science labs, computer labs and classrooms at DSU will be the setting for small group, hands-on activities in Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, and SAT Preparation. The majority of STARS instructors are DSU professors. The main objectives of the STARS program are: To increase science and mathematics-related knowledge, skills and confidence in a group of high school students. To increase the participants’ interest in and engagement with mathematics, science and technology and increase the likelihood that they will major in a science field in college. To increase the student’s familiarity with the large variety of careers in science.   Hear what people are saying about STARS! See more from our students at: STARS 2014 Blog   2014 STARS was partially funded by: *Tensor-SUMMA of Mathematical Association of America *I Could Do Great Things Foundation   Eligible applicants  We are recruiting students who... (1) Are rising 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students; (2) Have a GPA average of B or above; (3) Have an interest in math and science; (4) Are motivated and enthusiastic; (5) Would like to experience college life; and (6) Would enjoy working with a diverse group of faculty and peers.     Program Highlights: Cost:  $500 per student On-campus living arrangements Cafeteria meal plan Small group, hands-on activities in Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, and SAT Preparation Field trips Collegiate experience Opportunity to qualify for future scholarships to attend Delaware State University    Program dates: The program runs Sunday, July 12 - Saturday, July 25, 2015. Apply by April 3rd.  Printable application is available here.  Program dates: July 12, 2015 – July 25, 2015 Applications due April 3, 2015   Download flier here  

STARS Program Contact: 

Dr. Mazen ShahinProgram Director

Ph: (302) 857-7055


Graduate Partnership Award

  Program Overview Thank you for your interest in Delaware State University's Graduate Partnership Award Program.  This program, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health Bridge-to-the-Doctorate program, establishes a "bridge,"  helping students to obtain a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science by providing the financial support to pursue graduate level studies, providing faculty mentors to guide students academically and professionally, and surrounding students with a support network of staff assisting them in accomplishing their goals.  The program seeks to encourage students’ interest in graduate study by removing the financial barriers associated with continued study and hesitancy surrounding admission pre-requisites. The successful applicant will plan to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Science, as indicated on the list of sanctioned programs of study (see below).  Applicants to the program are evaluated on the basis of their record of achievement, as well as their research experiences, motivation, and connection to their field of study.   We look forward to receiving your application for graduate admission to the Graduate Partnership Award Program.   Please forward your inquires to the Project Director, Dr. Melissa Harrington, 302.857.7117 or email:   Sanctioned Programs of Study Master of Science Biological Sciences Chemistry Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Natural Resources Plant Science Food Science  Back to College Homepage


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Project Staff

Dr. Melissa A. Harrington
Project Director