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Government Resources

  Federal Delaware State University Libraries are part of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP).   Established by an act of Congress (Title 44, USC), the FDLP ensures public access to information published by the Federal Government.   We serve two basic constituencies that overlap to a certain degree: Students, faculty, and staff of Delaware State University Citizens of Kent County, Delaware Due to our land-grant status, the university has a strong College of Agriculture and Related Sciences.   We offer a full range of liberal arts majors such as mathematics, art, and sociology, plus applied majors such as airway science, nursing, and business.   Our item selections reinforce the available resources in these disciplines.  The federal depository is open to all.   The library building is accessible to handicapped persons, and if they encounter any difficulties retrieving materials, they should speak to a library staff member. Materials received via the depository program come in a variety of formats including print, microfiche, and electronic.   These documents can be rich sources of information on a wide variety of topics.   However, locating the appropriate government resources can be one of the most challenging tasks in library research. Finding In-Library Federal Resources Begin by searching the Online Catalog.   Write down the call number, whether it be a Superintendent of Documents number or a Library of Congress (LOC) number, and also note the collection (U.S. Documents, Reference, General Collection, etc.).   Not all federal publications are located in the fifth floor U.S. Documents area.  For microfiche visit the second floor serials area.   Electronic Federal Resources Our policy on electronic resources is aimed at direct access resources such as floppy disks, CDs, or DVDs.   These tangible electronic resources will circulate.   Licensing agreements and copyright issues do not apply to federal publications.   These resources are housed in the Electronic Research Center (Room 128).   The librarian in Room 128 will retrieve the requested resource.   Each item will have the following disclaimer: This software may alter your computer configuration.   The library assumes no responsibility for loss of files, damage to your equipment, or for content of files.   The Federal Depository Workstation in Room 128 is available for public access to these resources.   If the user wants to borrow an electronic resource, s/he will take it to the Circulation/Reserves Desk.   Normal checkout procedures will be conducted.   Online Federal Resources The Government Printing Office has made numerous federal information sources available online via GPO Access. GPO Access databases include: Federal Register - Regulatory materials Code of Federal Regulations - Codification of general and permanent rules of the Executive Branch and Federal agencies GPO access topic: Business and Economy- Latest economic indicators Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids Additional government websites are: American Factfinder -- Provides data on population, housing, economic and geographic data CyberCemetery -- Maintained by the University of North Texas to provide permanent public access to the defunct U.S. Government agencies electronic publications Environmental Health Information Service Federal Depository Library Program/Electronic Collection FirstGov -- A comprehensive linking to federal websites Library of Congress (LOC)  -- THOMAS Congressional Website  -- American Memory National Climatic Data Center Online Document Library National Library of Medicine - World's largest medical Library and creator of MEDLINE/PubMed National Technical Information Service  (Scientific and technical reports)  State and County Quick Facts -- Quick, easy access to facts about people, business, and geography Supreme Court of the United States- Highest court in the Land (Recent decisions) State The library attempts to collect State of Delaware information from all agencies. These items are located in the Delaware Collection, Room 226, and are accessible through the online catalog.  The Delaware Division of Libraries/State Library Website, the Digital Library of the First State, is a great starting point for finding state government information online. For additional information about the Federal Depository Library Program and Electronic Resources Policy at William C. Jason Library-Learning Center contact S. Mark Jarrell, (302) 857-6184.

Library Circulation Policies

  Borrowing Privileges and Procedures Circulation/Reserves Desk Limited check-out services Library Fines and Lost Cards Group Study Rooms Audio-Visual Hardware Resource Sharing (ILL) Photocopying General Policies of the Library 1. Borrowing Privileges and Procedures Borrowing privileges are extended to DSU faculty, staff, and students with a validated DSU identification; Delaware residents, with valid identification; State of Delaware employees, and City of Dover employees with valid employment identification; faculty, staff, and students of Delaware Technical and Community College, University of Delaware, Wilmington College, and the Beebe Nursing School, with valid college identification; Delaware high school seniors with parent or guardian present for signature at the time of application. Delaware State University student IDs must be validated and resident students must have a campus post office box in order to borrow library materials. All circulating materials must be charged out at the Circulation/Reserves Desk with a validated DSU faculty/staff/student ID or community borrower's card. Borrowed materials generally circulate for twenty-one days and may be renewed. It is the borrower's responsibility to know when materials are due. Books may be returned at the Circulation/Reserves Desk or through the book drop located near the library entrance. All other materials must be returned to the Circulation/Reserves Desk. Circulation transactions should be completed twenty minutes prior to closing. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Please do not reshelve materials. Always place them in holding/waiting areas. With a current DSU identification card, faculty, staff, and students are entitled to borrow materials from the libraries of the University of Delaware, Delaware Technical and Community College, and Wilmington College. Note:  Borrowers are responsible for all library materials charged to their library card 2. Circulation/Reserves Desk: Register patrons for borrowing privileges Check out and check in circulating library materials Provide information on overdue items, fines and other library charges Accept payment of library fines and charges Top   3. Limited check-out services: Permanent Reserve Faculty Reserve Pamphlets Group study room keys Audio-visual materials for use in the library 4. Library Fines and Lost Cards Fines for overdue circulating items are $.10 per day per item up to a maximum of 60 days. After 60 days, the item is presumed lost and the borrower will pay a $6.00 processing fee and the cost of the item as determined by the library administration. Fines for overdue reserve materials are $.25 per item for the first hour and $.05 per item for each additional hour that the library is open. The library will charge patrons for any mutilated, damaged, or broken library materials/equipment at a cost to be determined by the library administration. Overdue notices are sent to borrowers. Grades are withheld and transcripts are not issued until all charges are paid. Loss or theft of DSU library ID cards must be reported to the DSU Police Department, (302)857-6290. Students must also notify Student Accounts in order to receive a replacement card. For reporting the loss or theft of library community cards, contact the Circulation/Reserves Desk, (302) 857-6191. The replacement cost of a community library card is $10.00 Note: Borrowers are responsible for knowing when an item is due. Top   5. Group Study Rooms Group study rooms are available for use by a minimum of three patrons per room. Patrons must present their DSU library ID card to personnel on duty at the Circulation/Reserves Desk in order to obtain the key for a group study room. Study/typing rooms are available for up to two patrons. 6. Audio-Visual Hardware Audio-visual hardware, e.g. monitors, videocassette players/recorders, audiocassette players/recorders, projectors (slide, overhead, opaque) and screens are available for use by students (in the library only) and faculty/staff (on campus only).To request equipment call (302) 857-6175, Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., at least two working days before needed. Equipment must be returned immediately after use to ensure availability of equipment for others. Borrowers must present their DSU faculty/staff ID card for checkout of equipment. Top   7. Resource Sharing (ILL) Faculty, staff and students may borrow materials from other libraries via Resource Sharing (ILL). The Resource Sharing (ILL) process may take as long as three weeks. Some titles may require a longer wait. In some cases, lending libraries will charge fees that are passed on to patrons. Some materials which may not be available through Resource Sharing (ILL) are: Books owned by the library and in use Whole volumes or issues of periodicals Photocopies of specific articles Reference books Rare materials, including manuscripts Bulky or fragile materials that are difficult to ship Non-print media, such as videocassettes, audiocassettes, or software Dissertations; however, those from American universities can often be purchased from University Microfilms International, P.O. Box 1764, Ann Arbor, MI 48106 (1-800-521-3042) The following steps should be used for Resource Sharing (ILL): Verify the citation by using Books in Print, indexes, abstracts, or other bibliographic tools Submit your request via Electronic Document Delivery (EDD), or obtain a request form from the ERC (Room 128), Reference Desk, or the Serials Office (Room 221) Fill out completely and accurately and return to Circulation/Reserves Desk When Resource Sharing (ILL) books arrive, you will be notified by telephone or in writing at the address given on the request form Articles will be sent via EDD, campus or US mail Pick up and return all Resource Sharing (ILL) books to the Circulation/Reserves Desk during library hours of operation. For information on items you have requested, call (302) 857-6193 Patrons are responsible for paying overdue fines to the lending library through the William C. Jason Library-Learning Center Resource Sharing (ILL) Patrons are also responsible for paying the cost of lost books, including any processing fees. These fees will be assessed according to the lending library's policy For further information regarding this service, call (302) 857-6193/6191. Top   8. Photocopying Students/Patrons: Second floor. Serials area of the library. Charges: $.10 per copy. 9. General Policies of the Library No food, drinks, or smoking is permitted in the library. The use of cellular phones and pagers is prohibited. Violators will be asked to leave the building. Patrons are asked to maintain a quiet atmosphere in the library. Please do not reshelve materials, but place them in designated "waiting" or "holding" areas. Top  

Ask a Librarian

  Have a Question?   AskRef is Delaware State University Library's electronic mail reference service. The service is provided for currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff. Questions from the community at large will be answered if they pertain to the state of Delaware, the United States federal documents collection, or to collections particular to Delaware State University. Questions should be brief, focused and specific. Sample question: What was the population of Dover, Delaware in 1980? Questions about use of library systems (catalogs, indexes, databases) may also be submitted. A reference librarian will answer your questions: Tuesday through Thursday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Friday between 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Saturday between 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.   AskRef provides answers to short, concise questions. Questions involving extensive research cannot be answered, but reference librarians will assist you with research sources and strategies. Questions will not be answered immediately by the reference librarian as each question will have to be considered and researched.   Post your questions to us in the AskRef Forums or call during the hours listed at 302-857-7887/6180/6182.

Research Tools, Online Catalog Search Tips

  How to locate resources available at DSU Libraries   Basic Search Select your desired index, input your term and select the button. You will retrieve one or multiple words from the title, author, subject or note field. Ex: death penalty   Keyword Search What is a keyword search? A keyword search -- searches all of the fields indexed in the online catalog. You must fill in at least one field. The more words you search for, the smaller and more refined your results list will be. Use the following examples to retrieve titles owned by DSU. General Keyword -- artificial intelligence, bioengineering, or no child left behind Author Keyword / General Keyword search combined -- Jones & slavery or Beaulieu & SQL Library of Congress Call Numbers -- QA76.73* or HD57.7 .E53 2004 Superintendent of Documents Call Numbers -- Y 1.1/3: 101-9 or ED* Library of Congress Catalog Card Number (LCCN) - 98-24943 ISBN/ISSN Exact Match - 0596007272   Power Search What is a power search? A power search offers multiple search options in the library catalog. You have the ability to use Boolean operators using the drop down menu (and, or, not, xor); truncations (artifi*); collections and media format. Fill in at least one field, select a location and collection or media type. The more words you search for, the smaller and more refined your results list will be.   Electronic Books NetLibrary Electronic Book Shared Collection (Access Restricted)   Digital Dissertations ProQuest Digital Dissertations and Theses Database contains citations, abstracts and full text (Access Restricted)   World Catalog OCLC catalog of books and other materials in libraries worldwide (Access Restricted)   Electronic Course Reserve Search for faculty reserve materials, research & information literacy guides and various subject research guides and path finders.   ILL/EDD Online Forms Request Interlibrary Loans and receive electronic document delivery.


More Information

 Phone Contact:

  • Reference
    (302) 857-7887/6182/6197
  • Circulation
    (302) 857-6191
  • Serials
    (302) 857-6183

 Library Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday
    8:00 a.m.-12:00 Midnight
  • Friday
    8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Saturday
    12:00 noon -5:00 p.m.
  • Sunday
    2:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.


Interlibrary Loan

  What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)? How does EDDPlus work? Who may borrow through the ILL service? How many ILL requests may I submit at one time? How am I notified that my ILL has arrived? What is the waiting period for receiving my ILL items? Where Do I Pick Up My ILL in the William C. Jason Library? Is there a charge for ILL materials? Is ILL service available on a year-round basis? 1. What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)? ILL provides books, technical reports, conference proceedings and   photocopies of articles that are not available at the William C. Jason Library-Learning Center. This service is only available to Delaware State University faculty, staff and students. You can print out forms and return to the Circulation/Reserves Desk. The conditions of each transaction are set by the Interlibrary Loan Code of the American Library Association and by policies of the individual libraries. Top 2. How does EDDplus Work? All request are submitted electronically through EDDplus. Once received, your request will be processed by Systems and Resource Sharing. Upon receipt of your article(s) you will receive notification via email. Your article(s) can then be retrieved and downloaded. Top 3. Who May Borrow Through the ILL Service? Interlibrary request forms are available online, you can also get request forms at the   Reference Desk, Circulation Desk and in the Serials Office, Room 221. Forms must be completed accurately then submitted to the librarian in the Electronic Research Center. A separate form is required for each item requested. An incomplete or incorrect citation may result in a delay or cause a request to be returned as UNFILLED. When requesting journals, it is also necessary to include the complete reference for the original source of the citation. Top 4. How Many ILL Requests May I Submit At One Time? There is no limit. Request are submitted at EDDplus. Top 5. What is the Waiting Period for Receiving My ILL/EDDplus Items? The William C. Jason Library is a member of a computer-based interlibrary loan network and most requests can be filled within two weeks.   However, completion time can vary greatly based on the availability of the material. Top 6. How Am I Notified That My ILL Has Arrived? When interlibrary loan books have arrived, you will be notified via email or telephone. Top 7. Where Do I Pick Up My Interlibrary Loan in the William C. Jason Library? All books requested through interlibrary loan may be picked up at, and returned to, the Circulation/Reserves desk during library hours of operation. For information on items you have requested, called 857-6193.  Articles will be sent via email through EDDplus if requested. Top 8. Is There a Charge for Interlibrary Loan Materials? Normally, there is no charge to patrons for basic interlibrary loan service at the William C. Jason Library. However, some lending libraries charge fees that are passed on to patrons. Patrons are responsible for paying overdue fines to the lending library through the William C. Jason Library-Learning Center interlibrary loan office for books that are returned after the date due. Patrons are also responsible for replacement cost of lost books. Top 9. Is ILL Service Available on a Year-Round Basis? Yes. Interlibrary loan service is available all year. Top

How to Read Call Numbers

  The Library of Congress Classification System is a combination of letters and numbers which are the "call numbers" that are assigned to books and other items held by the William C. Jason Library. Locate:   To locate an item on the shelf, write down the entire call number.   Library of Congress classification system:  Gives each item in the collection a unique location on the shelf Shelves items on related subjects together About Browsing:   Because the system is designed to bring items on similar subjects together, you can browse in a specific call number area to find information on a subject. If you need a more specific call number to browse in your subject of interest, ask a Reference Librarian. Note: Browsing is a popular information-finding strategy, but it has drawbacks that affect the quality and quantity of information found. Browsing should be used as a supplement to finding books by using the Library of Congress subject headings in the catalog.  Collections:   Remember also to write down the collection name Examples are Reference, Juvenile, and African-American Collection. Consult the Collections Directory or Library Staff for assistance with locations or collections.   Library of Congress Subject Headings:   Large, red volumes located near the Library Online Catalog (OPAC) will help identify subject headings used in the online catalog. By looking in the catalog for those terms, you will locate items that the library has on your subject(s). Consult with a Reference Librarian for help in choosing subject headings or interpreting the information given in the Subject Headings books. In the third book in the example above the call number is R25.A1 1982  

Collection Development




    DSU library faculty are available to assist you with all of your general and specialized needs for collection development in the areas of reference and public services to enhance and strengthen teaching, research, and service through our research consultation and information literacy strategic directions. For further assistance we invite you to call the Offices of Collection Development and Management, DSU Libraries (302) 857-7887. Sincerest Regards, Dean of The University Libraries   HUMANITIES, The   Team Coordinator: Gretchen Starling    Gretchen Starling: (302) 857-6194 Foreign Languages, Master's Program  Languages & Literature Mass Communications  Visual & Performing Arts  SCIENCES, MATHEMATICS, TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING, The Team Coordinator: Susan Hall  Co-Coordinator: Ron Davis  Beverly Charlot:  (302) 857-6193  Computer Science / Information Technology Engineering   Ronald Davis:  ((302) 857-6182/6187 Applied Mathematics, Doctoral Program  Biological Sciences, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Biotechnology, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Chemistry, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Environmental Sciences  Physics  Susan Hall:  (302) 857-6183/7883  Applied Mathematics, Doctoral Program  Mathematics  Nursing  Pharmacy  Public Health  Agriculture & Natural Resources, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs  Airway Science  Family & Consumer Sciences Gretchen Starling: (302) 857-6194 Community Health Health & Human Performance  SOCIAL SCIENCES, The   Team Coordinator: Rosamond Panda  Co-Coordinator: Mary Rose Durk   Mary Rose Durk: (302) 857-6180 MBA Master's Program   Accounting & Finance  Business Management    Rosamond Panda: (302) 857-6197/6182 Educational Leadership, Doctoral Program  Education, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs  Black Studies  Sports Sciences Social Work, Doctoral Program  Historic Preservation, Master's Program   Historical Preservation   History, Political Science & Philosophy   International Affairs   Psychology   Sociology   Social Work & Related Disciplines; Public Policy GENERAL REFERENCE (All disciplines)  Team Coordinator: Rebecca Batson, Department Head (302) 857-6180 Co-Coordinator(s): Hum, SocSci, Sci/Tech Liaisons  The University Libraries' Collection Development & Management Committee initiative has been designed to collaboratively meet program development and accreditation needs of our schools and colleges, as per ACRL, MSACS, peer, sister, and benchmark institution evaluations.   


DSU Colleges/ Schools

  • College of Agriculture & Related Sciences
  • College of Education & Sports Sciences 
  • College of Health & Public Policy (includes Institute of Public Health & Pharmacy) 
  • College of Humanities & Social Sciences 
  • School of Management 
  • College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences & Technology 
  • The University Libraries 

Other Offices of The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs that are a part our collection development and management initiative include: 

  • Continuing and Adult Education
  • Distance Learning
  • International Affairs


Subject Headings

  Art, Architecture, Applied Arts & Visual Arts Architecture Fine Arts - General Visual Arts - General Business & Economics Accounting Advertising Agricultural Economics Banking Business Education Commerce Demography Economic History Economic Theory Finance Financial Management and Planning Industrial Management Industries International Commerce International Finance Investment and Speculation Labor & Workers' Economics Management Management Styles and Communication Management Theory Marketing and Sales Office and Personnel Management Real Estate, Housing & Land Use Transportation Economics History & Archaeology Africa Americas Australia & Pacific Islands - Oceania Canada East Asia History - General Latin America Russia & Former Soviet Republics United States History - General United States Local History Journalism & Communications Communication & Mass Media Journalism Radio & TV Broadcasting Languages & Literatures Law, Politics & Government Human Rights International Law International Relations Law, General & Comparative Political Science Music, Dance, Drama & Film ^Top Earth & Environmental Sciences Agriculture Animal Sciences Botany Ecology Environmental Sciences Forestry Geography Geology Marine Science Meteorology & Climatology Paleontology Plant Sciences Education - General Education: History of Education Education, Special Topics Education: Theory & Practice of Education Philosophy & Religion Physical Sciences & Mathematics Astronomy & Astrophysics Analytical Chemistry Biochemistry Chemistry - General Crystallography Inorganic Chemistry Mathematics Organic Chemistry Photochemistry Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Physics Sciences - General ^Top Engineering & Applied Sciences Applied Mathematics Applied Physics Chemical Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering Computer Science Electrical & Computer Engineering Engineering - General Industrial and Management Engineering Information Technology Materials Science Mechanical Engineering Technology - General Telecommunication Social Sciences Anthropology - General Folklore Library & Information Science Psychology Social & Cultural Anthropology Social Sciences - General ^Top Gender and Ethnic Studies Gender & Ethnic Studies: Ethnic & Race Studies Gender & Ethnic Studies: Gender Studies & Sexuality General Studies Academies & Learned Societies Publications Almanacs, Directories & Yearbooks - General Bibliography - General Newspapers - General & Popular Health & Biological Sciences Biology - General Biomedical Engineering Dentistry Diet & Clinical Nutrition Human Anatomy & Physiology Medicine Nursing Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation Pharmacy, Therapeutics, & Pharmacology Physical Therapy Public Health Psychiatry Surgery & Anesthesiology Veterinary Medicine Zoology Social Welfare & Social Work Child & Youth Development Criminology, Penology & Juvenile Delinquency Disabilities Gerontology Social Welfare & Social Work - General  Substance Abuse Sociology & Social History Communities - Urban Groups Family & Marriage Social Change Social Conditions Statistics - General Recreation & Sports   A-to-Z Databases |A-to-Z Titles List | Full-Text eJournal Portal | Web Resources  ^Top Last updated Sep 5, 2008 Content Editor: Systems and Resource Sharing  

Research Tools & Resources

  Virtual Reference, Research Tools and Resources Online Catalog AskRef ILL Online Request Course Reserves Electronic Resources Subject Databases Government Resources Information Literacy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Library of Congress Guide How to Read a Call Number Scholarly Journals Library Services