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Adopt A Mug

The Office of International Affairs collaborated with The United Way of Delaware for their "Adopt A Mug"  Community Service Project. Our International Students and Scholars filled mugs with donated school supplies and treats to show our appreciation to teachers at Mcilvaine Elementary School in Magnolia, DE. This project was geared towards helping teachers to transition and prepare their classrooms for our future leaders who are ready to make their  mark on the world!

Thanksgiving 2015

The Office of International Affairs would like to thank all of the families who opened their homes for Thanksgiving 2015.  You not only provided and good home cooked meal to our students, you also allowed them to experience a traditional American Thanksgiving holiday!

2015 Colorful China!

“Colorful China” is recognized as a wonderful presentation of Chinese ethnic culture, the performance was in the EH Theater on September 30, 2015.  “Colorful China” is an important cultural exchange program organized by the Chinese National Museum of Ethnology under the guidance of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission.  Focusing on displaying Chinese ethnic custom culture, it has been brought to foreign countries many times and attracted wide attention from the international community during the past decade.  “Colorful China is recognized as a wonderful presentation of Chinese ethnic culture. “Colorful China” combines costume show and ethnic dances and music through modern visual and audio technologies to present an exhibition.  “Colorful China” will fully display the colorful ethnic costume art and original cultures of the 56 ethnic groups in China as well as ethnic unity, charm of the Chinese civilization for 5000 years and a diversified culture.  This is of great significance to learn about and to carry on and promote the traditional Chinese culture. figure { display: inline-block; width:350px; padding:10px; margin:0;} .port {width:226px;} One of the many ancient costumes from different dynasties in Chinese history   "Silk Road's Costume and Dance" This costume and dance showed the dances of Uyghur and other ethnic groups "Let the world full of love" The performance ended with a beautiful song, Colorful China and fashion show. Fan Dance. A folk dance of traditional art form of the Hui Ethnic group "Wood sandal dance of the Yi Ethnic group" This folk dance is popular among girls Costumes of the Tibetans   The Chinese Zither

Study Abroad Opportunities

London Spring Break 2017 London Spring Break 2017 Price Quote Global Societies' 2017 Spring Break Brazil Trip Study Abroad in Nova Scotia & Iceland Summer 2017 Study Abroad Program in China Study Abroad Program in China Price Breakdown/Course List NATUCATE Ireland Faculty and Students: ​Our program offers the students the opportunity to improve their skills in problem analysis/solving, critical thinking, community engagement and cultural immersion.  It also provides a unique study abroad experience in a beautiful heritage town, where students will be immersed in the local community project through the exchange of time, skills and knowledge. Additional information is available on our website (see or for an example of one of our most recent customized programs see Costa Rica Spring 2017 Ghana 2016-2017  


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