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Mentoring Program


Student Success Center
Bank of America Building, Room 106
1200 N. DuPont Hwy, Dover DE 19901
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The College of Business Mentoring Program provides opportunities for students to connect with business professionals who can offer one-on-one advisement on career paths, goals and expectations based upon real-world experience and insights. How you could help a student: Provide one-on-one assistance in helping a student mentee to develop or hone professional skills. Offer guidance in developing realistic career goals and expectations. Establish a rapport that will encourage open dialogue and trust. Boost a mentee’s confidence through encouragement and healthy feedback. Serve as a role model and voice of professionalism. What will you and your mentee get from participating in the College of Business Mentoring Program? Practical knowledge and insight that will better equip ambitious students for today’s job market and help alumni to understand today’s job seeker. Potential friendships that bridge generational, educational and social gaps. Lasting connections and fulfilling relationships. Sign up to become a mentor today! Call 302.857.6954, email, or register your interest online.   Program Flyer Mentor Agreement    

“Mentor a student
and change a life!”




Finance and Banking Concentration

Finance and Banking Program Overview Delaware State University students may pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Banking. The concentration is designed to prepare students for careers in banks and other financial institutions, as well as in financial management of a broad range of other firms. In addition, many students choose to work for regulatory agencies and other government agencies.     Our program offers a series of fundamental and advanced courses in finance. Students obtain a thorough understanding of the basic concepts, principles, operating procedures, and analytical techniques necessary for them to succeed in the business world.  Advanced courses provide opportunities to explore fundamental principles in greater depth and to apply them to real-world situations. Required Courses At the undergraduate level, the finance and banking concentration consists of a minimum of 18 beyond the required 33 credits of upper level management core courses. Click here for a sample course schedule. Course Number Course Name Credit Hours 43-315 Financial Markets & Institutions 3.0 43-418 Investments 3.0 43-420 Commercial Bank Management 3.0 43-449 Advanced Financial Management 3.0 43-xxx   Finance and Banking Elective 3.0 43-xxx Finance and Banking Elective 3.0   Facilities Delaware State University students gain the access to state-of-the-art facilities with current equipment, hardware and software.  The College of Business Financial Network Trading Room is one of the few facilities of its kind at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) and it facilitates students’ learning in the real world settings. Moreover, two Bloomberg Terminals are installed in the trading room to provide real-time financial data and track market activities, simulating the environment widely experienced by financial professionals and regulatory agencies. The hands-on simulations plus the Bloomberg Product Certification afford Delaware State University students significant advantages in securing internship and career opportunities.  Internships Our students have taken advantage of internship opportunities at such businesses as AIG, J.P. Morgan Chase, Nehemiah Gateway, Prudential, Smithsonian Institute and B.G. PHARM etc. The internship is typically undertaken after the junior year as finance & banking concentration.

Finance Faculty:
Dr. Nandita Das
Dr. Youngsik Kwak (Associate Dean)
Dr. Zi “Nancy” Ning


Recent Placements

Bank of America
Discover Financial Services
JP Morgan Chase
Travelers Insurance Company

Accounting Program

Introduction In Delaware State University’s accounting program, students learn to think strategically and perform complex analysis of real-world business problems. Through a combination of classroom lecture and hands-on experience, students develop the professional skills and knowledge to succeed in this profession, while obtaining a foundation to pursue credentials, such as: certified public accountant (CPA)  certified management accountant (CMA) certified internal auditor (CIA) Required Courses The Bachelor of Accounting degree consists of 30 credit hours beyond the college of business core courses. Click here for a sample course schedule. Course Number Course Name Credit Hours 42-305 Intermediate Accounting I 3.0 42-306 Intermediate Accounting II 3.0 42-307 Cost Accounting 3.0 42-308 Managerial Cost Accounting 3.0 42-423 Auditing I 3.0 42-311 Individual Tax 3.0 42-402 Business Law 3.0 42-405 Accounting Information Systems 3.0 42-430 Advanced Accounting 3.0 42-xxx Accounting Elective 3.0   Course Description Professional Preparation Graduates of the accounting program enter the job market with the professional skills and experience that employers’ value. All students in the program develop the ability to understand and apply core business fundamentals and accounting fundamentals think creatively and apply accounting knowledge in innovative ways communicate professionally use information technology for research, decision making and problem solving write accounting research reports that incorporate qualitative and quantitative data analysis and integrate information from multiple sources identify ethical dilemmas and uphold professional responsibilities work effectively in diverse settings that include individuals of varying educational backgrounds, experience, gender, age, race, and national origin Student Clubs The Accounting and Finance Club and student chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants are very active student organizations. These organizations sponsor networking events, job fairs, guest lectures, and are involved with the institute of Management Accountants and Association of Government Accountants. Internships and Professional Experience Students have the opportunity to gain practical work experience through internships at accounting firms, government agencies, and corporate accounting organizations. 

Accounting Faculty: 
Dr. Bridget Anakwe
Mr. Michael Katz, J.D.
Dr. Susan Muzorewa
Dr. Bernadette Ruf (Chairperson)


Recent Placements

JPMorgan Chase
Bank of America
SB Company

University Club Menus

University Club Menus Bank of America Building 308 Days and Hours of Operation: Tuesdays 11:30 am – 1:00 pm For Reservations call:  857.6981 or 857.7992 or 857.6984 Meals to Dine-In, Take-Out or Delivery Adults:  $6.00     Students:  $5.00    

DSU Simulators

CR 12                     The CR-12 Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) is one of the most full featured training devices on the market today. The system has the capability of emulating all DSU’s aircraft, multi-engine and turbo-prop aircraft, as well as corporate jets.  The AATD is used primarily by students seeking their Instrument Rating allowing students the capability to train in any simulated instrument condition. The AATD is also used by Private and Commercial student pilots to facilitate a well rounded comprehension of aircraft systems.   ATC-710 The ATC-610/710 Flight Training Device is available to all students enrolled in the Aviation Program without charge. This system provides the opportunity of achieving and maintaining instrument proficiency without actually flying. This simulator is particularly beneficial to students by providing the ability to concentrate solely on a particular exercise without the additional distractions of the cockpit environment.  

Student Organizations

COMING SOON! The DSU Aviation Program current has two student organizations designed to benefit students and contribute to the overall student experience while enrolled in the Aviation Program.  The programs are: Student Representative Board Alpha Eta Rho Please stay tuned as we update this website in the near future.     Back to DSU Aviation Home

Aviation Faculty and Staff

Faculty                                            Steve Speed Hans Reigle John Sherman Director Assistant Director Chief Pilot (302) 857-6712 (302) 857-6713 (301) 639-3770       Staff     Mr. Harlan Durham Ms. Marlene Cox   Chief of Maintenance Senior Secretary   (302) 730-5075 (302) 857-6713         Instructors     Scott A. Lovick Benjamin Clendaniel Hans Reigle Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer (302)897-5851 (302) 535-1989 (302) 857-6713       Robert Irvine Don Lemke Polly D. Steenhagen Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer (302) 698-1064 (302) 838-5822 (302) 857-6713                               Flight Instructors     John Sherman Gil Gonsalves Rob Wefelmeyer Chief Pilot Assistant Chief Pilot Assistant Chief Pilot (301) 639-3770 (347) 729-9639 (443) 848-8019       Bernard Alexis Clifton Baltimore Thomas Beenick ATP/CFII Commercial/CFII Commercial/CFI (718) 781-1055 (301) 890-5338 (302) 265-2789       Jason Steele Willy Gonzalez Don Lemke Commercial/CFII Commercial/CFII ATP/CFII MEI ROTOR (302) 423-5531 (484) 904-6561 (302) 838-5822       Chilee Onveanusi Hans Reigle Kenneth Ritchie Commercial/CFI TP/CFII MEI ROTOR Commercial/CFII (215) 520-5891 (302) 331-1122 (301) 203-1605       Steve Speed Tayler Solomon   ATP/CFII MEI Commercial/CFI   (302) 857-6712 (202) 285-3274                                                                      

Airline Partners

PIEDMONT AIRLINES AND DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY Pilot Pipeline Interview Program   Delaware State University is pleased to offer qualifying graduates of the DSU Professional Pilot Program a guaranteed interview for future employment at Piedmont Airlines. This partnership serves as a pathway for talented DSU pilots to land an airline job early in their careers. Whereas before, graduates would toil through the ranks of aspiring airline pilots seeking opportunities to qualify for an interview with a regional or major air carrier, the Piedmont/Delaware State University partnership provides the opportunity for qualifying pilots to move directly from the DSU Certified Flight Instructor seat to the seat of Piedmont Airlines.  

PA-38-112 Pilot's Operating Handbook

            Tomahawk PA-38-112   Pilot's Operating Handbook Section 1 General Section 2 Limitations Section 3 Emergency Procedures Section 4 Normal Procedures Section 4 Normal Procedures (Maneuvers) Section 5 Aircraft Performance (General) Section 5 Aircraft Performance (Graphs)     - Take off     - Climb and Cruise     - Best Power/Range/Glide     - Landing Section 6 Weight and Balance Section 7 Description and Operation of Systems     - Part I     - Part II