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DSU Simulators

CR 12                     The CR-12 Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) is one of the most full featured training devices on the market today. The system has the capability of emulating all DSU’s aircraft, multi-engine and turbo-prop aircraft, as well as corporate jets.  The AATD is used primarily by students seeking their Instrument Rating allowing students the capability to train in any simulated instrument condition. The AATD is also used by Private and Commercial student pilots to facilitate a well rounded comprehension of aircraft systems.   ATC-710 The ATC-610/710 Flight Training Device is available to all students enrolled in the Aviation Program without charge. This system provides the opportunity of achieving and maintaining instrument proficiency without actually flying. This simulator is particularly beneficial to students by providing the ability to concentrate solely on a particular exercise without the additional distractions of the cockpit environment.  

Student Organizations

COMING SOON! The DSU Aviation Program current has two student organizations designed to benefit students and contribute to the overall student experience while enrolled in the Aviation Program.  The programs are: Student Representative Board Alpha Eta Rho Please stay tuned as we update this website in the near future.     Back to DSU Aviation Home

Aviation Faculty and Staff

Faculty                                            Steve Speed Hans Reigle John Sherman Director Assistant Director Chief Pilot (302) 857-6712 (302) 857-6713 (301) 639-3770       Staff     Tom Biang Mr. Harlan Durham Ms. Marlene Cox Assistant Chief Pilot Chief of Maintenance Senior Secretary (302) 730-5075 (302) 730-5075 (302) 857-6713       Instructors     Tom Biang Benjamin Clendaniel Hans Reigle Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer (302) 730-5075 (302) 535-1989 (302) 857-6713       Robert Irvine Don Lemke Scott A. Lovick Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer   (302) 698-1064 (302) 838-5822 (302) 897-5851       Polly D. Steenhagen     Lecturer     (302) 857-6713     Flight Instructors     John Sherman Gil Gonsalves Rob Wefelmeyer Chief Pilot Assistant Chief Pilot Assistant Chief Pilot (301) 639-3770 (347) 729-9639 (443) 848-8019       Bernard Alexis Clifton Baltimore Thomas Beenick ATP/CFII Commercial/CFII Commercial/CFI (718) 781-1055 (301) 890-5338 (302) 265-2789       Tom Biang Willy Gonzalez Don Lemke Assistant Chief Pilot Commercial/CFII ATP/CFII MEI ROTOR (571) 437-5796 (484) 904-6561 (302) 838-5822       Chilee Onveanusi Hans Reigle Kenneth Ritchie Commercial/CFI TP/CFII MEI ROTOR Commercial/CFII (215) 520-5891 (302) 331-1122 (301) 203-1605       Steve Speed Jason Steele   ATP/CFII MEI Commercial/CFII   (302) 857-6712 (302) 423-5531