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DSUAA NCCC 35th Annual Scholarship Luncheon

New Castle County Chapter of the DSU Alumni Association 35th Annual Scholarship Luncheon


Sunday, August 21, 2016,

Cavaliers Country Club

100 Addison Drive

Newark, DE 19712

DSU Alumni Consent

Consent Form for Release of Information to the DSU Alumni Association As a member of the DSU Class of 2016, you are given a free complimentary membership for one year to the DSU Alumni Association (DSUAA) effective on the day you graduate. At the end of one year, you will have the option to maintain membership by paying your annual membership fee of $50.00 which will allow your contact information to be on the DSUAA membership directory. If you wish to accept or decline, you must check the appropriate box below in order for the University not to release information about you to the DSUAA. For questions regarding your consent, please contact DSU, Office of Alumni Relations, 302.857.6050 or   window.bboxInit = function () { bbox.showForm('07001445-9e01-4c02-a126-58e8ece932aa'); }; (function () { var e = document.createElement('script'); e.async = true; e.src = ''; document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(e); } ()); The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows the University to release to third parties “directory information” e.g. name, address, telephone, date and place of birth, school activities and other non-invasive data.   It is your right to restrict the disclosure of “directory information.”  To do so you must notify the University in writing that you do not want disclosed your "directory information."  Completion and return of this form will serve as your written notice.

Atlanta APG Event


           DSU CORE Tour


Join Delaware State University’s

Alumni Philanthropy Group (APG) on the  #DSUCORETOUR


DSUAA Convention Alumni Meet & Greet

Join Delaware State University Alumni Association (DSUAA) for our

National Convention Alumni Meet & Greet



DSU Core Tour

Join Delaware State University’s

Alumni Philanthropy Group (APG) on the  #DSUCORETOUR

DSU’s APG will be hosting a series of regional alumni engagement events.

DSU 40 under 40 and 40 over 40

Delaware State University’s (DSU) 40 u/o 40 Club recognizes successful graduates who have demonstrated a high level of excellence in their professional career as well as a commitment to serving his or her community. Recognition in DSU’s 40 u/o 40 Club will give the University the ability to celebrate the accomplishments of some of our most distinguished alumni while sharing their stories with the broader alumni community and beyond. Based upon the Core Values of DSU, the 40 u/o 40 Club focuses on building a culture for philanthropy while recognizing the importance of alumni outreach. The 40 recipients from each class will be recognized and honored during Delaware State University’s 125th Anniversary Celebration during Homecoming on Saturday, October 15, 2016. Important dates for the “DSU 40 u/o 40 Club” July 20, 2016: Selected nominees are notified. July 29, 2016: Nominee deadline to accept nomination August 15, 2016: Deadline to receive resume, bio and photograph August 15, 2016: Selected honorees deadline to make appropriate gift to DSU Student Scholarship Fund. A minimum of 50% of gift is due with a pledge for the remainder to be paid on or before October 3, 2016. August 31, 2016: Entire alumni community informed of selected honorees October 15, 2016:  Attend to be honored at DSU’s 125th Anniversary celebration during Homecoming 2016   Honoree contributions can be made below:   window.bboxInit = function () { bbox.showForm('b1d097c0-3858-4e18-a46b-1f73ccdeb843'); }; (function () { var e = document.createElement('script'); e.async = true; e.src = ''; document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(e); } ());

Alumni Philanthropy Group

Teaser for Home: 
The Delaware State University Alumni Philanthropy Group is a Diverse Community of DSU Alums with Integrity that recognize the importance of alumni Outreach to garner financial support to provide DSU students with Scholarships who demonstrate financial need.

Because at the CORE of any University are the Alums who support it.


Purpose: A Diverse Community of DSU Alums with Integrity that recognize the importance of alumni Outreach to garner financial support to provide DSU students with Scholarships who demonstrate financial need.   Overview: The Delaware State University Alumni Philanthropy Group (APG) is an alliance of DSU Alums joining together to strengthen alumni engagement and participation with their alma matter. There are a host of students annually who have the desire and motivation to acquire a degree, but in many cases, lack the financial support needed to stay in school.  Together, we can ensure that any DSU student who demonstrates financial need will have access to student scholarship funding.  The APG’s primary focus is to build a culture of philanthropy on DSU’s campus and in the communities we live, work, and play.  The future is upon us at Delaware State University and with it, clarity of vision that will give us more control over the future of our students.  In this environment, any contribution made by Alums of DSU will be an investment in our own future.  Your participation will serve as a reminder to the communities we serve, that our alums are invested not only through time and talent, but through our treasures as well.   Q&A What is philanthropy? Philanthropy can be described as the love of humankind. Giving of your time and resources to benefit others.   What is the Alumni Philanthropy Group (APG)? The APG is an alliance of DSU Alums joining together to strengthen alumni engagement and participation with their alma matter in an effort to increase contributed income to the University to further its mission.   What are the requirements to be a part of the group? Graduated from DSU and willing to help the University connect and engage other DSU alum. Willing to make an annual gift to the DSU’s Foundation to support student scholarships.   What are the responsibilities and activities of those in the group? Host fundraising and friend raising events in States where DSU Alums’ reside. Cultivate and engage other DSU alums’ to become engage with the University and help in building a culture for philanthropy among alums and volunteer for other Alumni Relations events throughout the calendar year.   Can you invite DSU alum to be part of the group? Yes, we highly encourage all of our APG members to invite other DSU alums in their respective networks.   What are the giving opportunities/levels? Alums can designate their gifts to the University. If no designation is requested, all gifts are allocated to DSU’s general Student Scholarship fund. A listing of current restricted funds can be found at We encourage a minimum annual gift of $250 from each member of the APG. All funds raised will support DSU students with financial need.


Phone 302.857.6050
Cell: 302.535.1336
Fax 302.857.6052


DSU Core Tour

Thursday, June 9th
Wilmington, Delaware

Thursday, June 24th
Atlanta, Georgia
Registration and More Info





The 125th Challenge

Let’s get it Hornets!

The 125th Challenge can transform DSU alumni participation like never before.

The countdown to reach our goal of 1,250 DSU alumni giving by June 30th has begun!  The 1,250 is in recognition Delaware State University’s 125th Anniversary.

About Alumni Relations

Delaware State University needs your help in several areas of outreach, including student recruitment and student mentoring. Several events are planned and many are available right now where you can make a positive impact. Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 302.857.6050 and sign up, or may also email us: DSU needs you! About the Office of Alumni Relations The Office of Alumni Relations is a unit of the Division of Institutional Advancement. The Executive Director reports to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement. The Office of Alumni Relations exists to forge, foster and facilitate strong, positive relationships between the university and its graduates, and to bolster the natural camaraderie which exists among them. To this end, the office is involved in the organization of meetings, reunions, and social activities among alumni groups. It also works in collaboration with other university offices and staff to engage alumni in positive, value added initiatives, projects and programs that broadly enhance mission-based outcomes. The Office of Alumni Relations is also responsible for leading production of the alumni newsletter, The ECHO, and other publications which promote university and alumni activities. The office aids alumni in establishing, maintaining, and building upon their DSU connections. The Office of Alumni Relations also serves as the clearinghouse for events, activities and the collection of membership dues of the DSU Alumni Association.  The Office of Alumni Relations is located in the Administration Building 2nd floor, Room 206, on the front end of the campus. Alumni are always welcome and are encouraged to visit whenever they are in the area.

Contact us

Tracye Williams, MBA '07, '05
Executive Director of Alumni Relations
Office: 302.857.7823
Cell: 302.505.4288
Jovoni Simmons
Manager of Alumni Engagement
Office: 302.857.7803
Cell: 302.535.1336

Phone 302.857.6050

Fax 302.857.6052


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