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Gallery: MLK Building Dedication Featuring Rev. Walter Fauntroy

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Message from the President



Dr. Harry Lee Williams is the 10th president in the 121-year history of Delaware State University. He began his tenure as DSU president on Jan. 10, 2010.


Welcome to Delaware State University, an institution of which I am proud to be a part.  I am committed to working with the tremendous students, staff and faculty of our University as we move DSU forward into the top tier of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  Delaware State University is a family and as such we will have a shared governance.  Our administrative team will operate in a democratic manner to make decisions that will fortify our university.  We will come together with our community energized by our strengths, positive endeavors and strong constituent support and we will embark upon transformational change. As the 10th President of Delaware State University, I recognize the value that we bring to the state of Delaware and to our students.  It is a privilege to serve this institution and to ensure that it continues to honor its historical legacy.  Please utilize our website fully to explore the plethora of exciting opportunities to make your mark on the world as a part of the DSU family! In Proud Service, Dr. Harry L. Williams    


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Henrietta A. Savage
Executive Assistant to the President
Phone: 302.857.6001    
Fax: 302.857.6003    

Cassandra C. Robinson
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 302.857.6001    
Fax: 302.857.6003    

Eleanor M. Wilson
Administrative Assistant & Board Secretary
Phone: 302.857.6023    
Fax: 302.857.6003