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Faculty Senate 2009-2010

        Next Faculty Senate Meetings: Monday, April 6, 2009 Monday, May 4, 2009   Archives for: 2006 - 2007  |  2007 - 2008  |  2008 - 2009   Proposals Awaiting Approval by the Senate Academic Affairs AA_challenge_exams-policy ACADEMIC_AFFAIRS_COMMITTEE-January_Report Proposal_from_Honors_Council_and_General_Education_Committee_ Proposed_Academic_Culture_Subcommittee_ Transfer_Student_Academic_Program_Audit_ Transfer_Student_General_Education_Audit_ General Education Breadth Courses Homeland Security PermissionToImplement-PSM_HS Proposals Approved by the Senate None for 2009 - 2010  

Faculty Senate 2007-2008

 Archives for: 2006 - 2007   |  2008 - 2009  |  2009 - 2010   Proposals Awaiting Approval by the Senate College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics 13 New Course Electives Advanced Perturbation Theory Advanced Statistics Digital Signal Processing Intro to Field Theory Intro to MB Dynamics Intro to Super Symmetry Mathematical Theory of Algorithms Numerical PDE's Pattern Recognition Superstrings Superstrings and Beyond Theory of Solitons Topology and Geometry in Physics Biological Sciences Behav23-515 FINAL Neuroscience PhD Program Biotech BS degree Curr changes 2007 FINAL BS in Biology Education FINAL Molecular_Genetics_&_Genomics Molecular Genetics & Genomics - Oct 29, 2007 Molecular Genetics & Genomics - Oct 30, 2007 Transfer curriculum to forensic biology for DTCC Biotech FINAL Transfer curriculum DTCC Biology to DSU Biology FINAL Transfers to Biotech for DTCC with Biotech degree FINAL Chemistry PhD in Applied Chemistry Computer & Information Sciences Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree program in Security Computer Science Masters in Computer Science Information Technology Mathematics Physics & Pre-Engineering Physics BS Degree Curr Physics Engineering Emphasis Curr PhD and MS Optics - New Degree Request PhD and MS Optics Curr College of Education Education Bylaw Change Proposal - General Education October 2007 Open Forum on General Education September 30, 2008, B of A 309, 11 a.m. – 12:30 The purpose of this forum is to solicit input on General Education reform. Please read and print the following two documents before coming to the meeting: Proposal Passed by Senate November 2007 Proposal Submitted to the General Education Committee for Consideration 8 08 College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences English and Foreign Languages Executive Summary Curricular Changes BA Spanish or French Education BA Spanish BA French Curriculum Course Review - The French Novel The French Novel Syllabus Visual & Performing Arts Music - Brasses Curriculum Music - Percussion Curriculum Music - Strings Curriculum Music - Woodwinds Curriculum Psychology CourseCreationForm--CognitivePsychology3 36-411 - Counseling Psychology Psychology Curriculum Changes Mass Communications Online Journalism Print Journalism - Curriculum Print Journalism - Syllabus Broadcast Journalism - Curriculum Sound Production III - Syllabus Sound Production III - Curriculum Radio / Audio Production - Syllabus Radio / Audio Production - Curriculum College of Health and Public Policy Nursing Program Fitness Promotions Curriculum Changes Advanced Concepts of Pathophysiology in Nursing College of Business Airway Science Systems Commercial Pilot Lab II Commercial Pilot Lab III College of Agriculture and Related Sciences Agriculture and Natural Resources Equine Business Management Proposal Plant Science Proposal Soils & Soil Fertility Curriculum Family and Consumer Sciences Family & Consumer Sciences Department Name Change 18-500 Fundamentals of Food Science 18-500 Fundamentals of Food Science Correction 18-550 Food Microbiology 18-555 Food Toxicology 18-560 Principles of HACCP Proposals Approved by the Senate None for 2007-2008

Legal Sources of Music & Video

Congress recently passed H.R. 4137, the Higher Education Opportunity Act (“HEOA” or the "Act"), which is a massive piece of legislation to reauthorize the Higher Education Act that the President will soon sign into law. This legislation imposes an array of new federal regulatory and reporting requirements for colleges and universities. Two of these provisions are designed to reduce illegal uploading and downloading of copyrighted works through peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. Because of this provision, the University has had to reduce the bandwidth allowed for P2P protocols to the minimum possible. Unfortunately, this affects all use of P2P protocols, including legal (ie. you paid for it) downloading of music and the operation of many game devices. Until the developers of game devices move those devices to protocols other than P2P, they will continue to be hindered - there is nothing that the University can do to prevent it. Below is a list of some free legal music websites for your listening pleasure. Radio Stations: Last FM  |  Pandora  |  AOL  |  Yahoo  |  Live365  |  Realmusic Music Sources (some may charge a fee): AOL Music  |  Artist Direct  |   Audio Candy  |  Best Buy  |  BET  |  BuyMusic  |  Catsmusic  |  CD Baby  |  Dimples Music  |  Electric Fetus  |  Emusic  |  FYE  |  iMesh  |  iTunes  |  Liquid Audio  |  |  Napster  |   Passalong  |  Pro-Music  |  Rolling Stone  |  Ruckus  |  Spinner  |   Wal-Mart  |   Zune If there are any questions, please contact your appropriate Congressional Representative or Senator, as they are the only people who can affect this decision.  If you live in Delaware, you may contact the U.S. Senators for Delaware: Biden, Joseph R., Jr.- (D - DE) 201 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC, 20510 (202) 224-5042   Carper, Thomas R.- (D - DE) 513 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC, 20510 (202) 224-2441  

Faculty Senate

  On behalf of the Delaware State University Faculty Senate, "Welcome!" Faculty participation in the shared governance of DSU is more important than ever. As the chair of the faculty senate I ask that you stay involved with the vital issues facing the University. In our goal to go paperless, the minutes, proposals, reports, upcoming agenda, etc. are posted for your examination on the Faculty Senate Forum on Blackboard. If your department has not already, please forward the names of your Faculty Senator(s) and alternate(s) for the current academic year to me ( ) and the Vice Chair, Myna German ( Stephanie Milbourne is the Senate recorder ( Several openings are available on our senate committees. These committees are an excellent opportunity for every faculty member to provide service and leadership to the university, get to know other faculty and staff, and do the valuable work of the faculty senate. Email the me to get involved. Your service counts.   See Committee Membership Respectfully submitted, Jan Blade, Chair, Faculty Senate. FROM THE BY-LAWS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY Unless otherwise ordered by the Board of Trustees, authority is hereby delegated to the university faculty to develop and administer the academic and educational policies of the university in accordance with the provisions of the following regulations. The Faculty shall: Establish departmental curricula and courses. Develop rules, regulations and discipline for the student body. Determine educational academic policies of admission. Determine requirements for degrees and recommend candidates for degrees, which shall be conferred by the   President of the University under the authority of the Board of Trustees. It shall be the privilege of the faculty: To recommend to the Board of Trustees the establishment of any degree to be awarded and the disestablishment of any degree. To consider matters of general interest to the university and make recommendations to the President of the University for presentation to the Board of Trustees. (Chapter 2, Section II) FACULTY SENATE CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS Function: The Faculty Senate is the primary governing body of the faculty. It shall serve as a channel of communication between the faculty and the administration and, through the administration, to the Board of Trustees. It shall seek means to raise the level of all aspects of professional performance. It shall be the instrument by which the faculty carries out its responsibilities under the Charter and Bylaws of the Board of Trustees of Delaware State University. [Article I, Section 2] Responsibilities : The Faculty Senate is the chief governing body under the authority of the faculty. It shall possess the primary responsibility and authority to review, discuss, and make policy recommendations in such areas as curriculum, standards, research, faculty status, honorary degrees, and student activities related to the academic life of the University. [Article I, Section 3] Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty Senators: Faculty Senators are expected to attend all Faculty Senate meetings. Faculty Senators are expected to communicate to their respective departments all actions of the Faculty Senate. Faculty Senators are expected to communicate to the full Senate any of their respective departmental concerns.  

The Echo

The Echo Spring 2014 issue Alumni Spotlight Helping middle school girls to reach their full potential Through her Free2Rise foundation, Brenda Silvils ’77 provides youths with skills to become ‘Forever Responsible, Educated and Empowered.’ Full story Uniting the latest generations of Hornets Meeshach Stennett ’98 works to keep younger alumni connected with each other and their alma mater. Full story Honoring a hoops legacy Isaiah Nathaniel '04 preserves stories of Philadelphia’s 16th Street League through documentary film. Full story MORE ALUMNI OTHER HIGHLIGHTS Alumni Legacy: From 1920s to today, Pinkett family builds multigenerational DSU legacy Alumni event photos Chapter Notes Class Notes Alumni pages HISTORY From catalogues, a peek into the University's early years. Full story GIVING Corporate internships and mentoring programs prepare students for careers in business Full story THE BUZZ Click here to read about the latest news and happenings at DSU HORNET ATHLETICS PHOTOS  Inspired Day of Service President's Scholarship Ball    




The Echo is a publication of the Division of Institutional Advancement for alumni and friends of Delaware State University.

Produced collaboratively 3 times a year by the Offices of Marketing, Public Relations, Alumni Relations, Development and Sports Information, The Echo is available to all alumni who maintain up-to-date mailing information through the Office of Alumni Relations.


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Alumni and friends are invited and encouraged to send news of personal achievements and other milestones for inclusion in The ECHO.  All items submitted for print will be edited.

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Office of Alumni Relations
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FAX to: 302.857.6052

If you have not recently received a copy of The ECHO, please update your contact information here.  Keep abreast of news of your alma mater.




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Delaware State University Alumni Scholarships

To determine the status of additional scholarship funds, for applications, or for more information, visit our scholarships page and check out what fits you best. DSU tries to help our students meet their financial needs (Financial Need = Cost of Attendance – Expected Family Contribution). In addition to scholarships, students in need of additional educational funds might consider: To determine the status of additional scholarship funds, for applications, or for more information, visit our scholarships page and check out what fits you best. DSU tries to help our students meet their financial needs (Financial Need = Cost of Attendance – Expected Family Contribution). In addition to scholarships, students in need of additional educational funds might consider: Contacting businesses, civic organizations, fraternal or religious organizations to ask if they offer scholarships Speaking to high school administrative or counseling staff about available scholarships Contacting a local library for further resource information Researching the World Wide Web for helpful sites such as ADDITIONAL FUNDS AVAILABLE   Information regarding the availability, nature and criteria of alumni scholarships may change without notice. For this reason, interested persons are advised to verify all information through the Scholarship Office before applying. Scholarships are also sponsored by individual alumni and organizations. To obtain a more comprehensive listing, or for more information about other types of financial aid, consult the University Catalogs Visit the Financial Aid Office located in the Administration Building, or visit the scholarships page on this site.


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