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University General Counsel/Legal Affairs

5-00:University General Counsel/Legal Affairs Policies and Procedures Table of Contents 5-02:  Rules on Access to Public Records under the Delaware Freedom of Information Act

2015 Homecoming Parade Registration Form

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We are no longer accepting parade applications. Thank you and we hope that you will join us for next year’s Homecoming in 2016.

Homecoming 2015

Ticket Sales for Student Events

Risk and Safety Management Policies and Procedures

7-00: Risk and Safety Management Policies and Procedures Table of Contents 7-01: Environmental Policy 7-02: Fire Prevention 7-03: Emergency Response / Fire-Other Emergencies 7-04: Electrical Safety Policy 7-05: Lockout / Tag-out Policy 7-06: Confined Space Policy 7-07: Hot Work Permit Program 7-08 Respirator Policy 7-09:  Hearing Conservation Policy 7-10:  Ergonomic Program 7-11:  Powered Industrial Trucks Safety Program 7-12:  Worker's Compensation Policy 7-13:  Staff / Faculty International Travel Safety Policy 7-14:  Data Recovery Plan 7-15:  Community Resources and Volunteers Policy 7-16:  Hazardous Waste Disposal 7-17:  Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure Control 7-18:  Safety Shower and Eyewash Stations 7-19:  Asbestos Management Policy 7-20:  Laser Safety Plan 7-21:  Food Safety Policy 7-22:  Laboratories Closeout 7-23:  Ladder Safety Program 7-24:  Drill Press Safety Procedures 7-25:  Table Saw Safety Procedures 7-26:  Chemical Waste Disposal Form 7-27:  Delaware State University Athletic Department Safety 7-28:  Registered Sex Offender Policy 7-30: Incident Management and Reporting Guidelines 7-31: Hazardous Materials Handling and Storage 7-33: Insurance Requirements for Vendors, Contractors and Service Providers 7-34: Vendor, Contractor and Service Provider Safety Procedure 7-35: Emergency Evacuation - Disabled Persons   

Procurement and Auxiliary Services Policies and Procedures

9-00: Procurement and Auxiliary Services Policies and Procedures Table of Contents 9-01:  University-Owned Motor Vehicles 9-02:  Scheduled Service Procedures 9-03:  Drivers Safety Program 9-04:  Accident / Incident Reporting 9-05:  Vehicle Procurement Program 9-06:  Vehicle Accountability and Assignment 9-07:  Mobile Device Policy 9-39:  Expenditure of Minor Capital Improvements (MCI) Funds  

Information Technology (IT) Policies and Procedures

8-00: Information Technology (IT) Policies and Procedures Table of Contents 8-01:  Data Storage Policy 8-02:  Change Management Process 8-03:  Copyright Infringement Investigation Policy and Procedure 8-04:  Remote Desktop Access Guidelines 8-05:  Unauthorized Network Devices 8-06:  Windows Password Policy 8-07:  Acceptable Use Policy 8-08: Computer and Internet Use Policy 8-09: Annual Software Licensing Departmental Compliance