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Summer Programs for Undergraduates


Delaware State University offers summer internships and professional development programs for undergraduates students. 

  Jumpstart Program | Undergraduates | Jun 30-Aug 7, 2014 | $2,500  The Jumpstart Program is a rigorous summer academic enrichment and leadership program. Candidates are identified during the admissions process and are invited to get a “jumpstart” on their college career by enrolling in courses prior to the beginning of the academic school year. Participants have the opportunity to enroll in up to 11 credits and fast track their academic success through course rigor, leadership and career development. Jumpstart is for the incoming freshman who is a rising star! The goal of the program is to nurture the talents and strengths of the candidates while assisting them to refine the road map to their dreams. Candidates enter the fall semester as students with a sense of awareness and belonging. Jumpstart gives them the confidence and self-assurance that will be needed to handle the rigors of everyday college life and beyond as they move forward on the journey to their future. Deadline Jumpstart – April 18th ($500 non-refundable) Orientation Jumpstart - June 18th & June 25th Program Dates Jumpstart – June 30th - August 7th (Move-In date 6/29) Jacqueline A. Washington 302.857.7252 More information Project Success | Undergraduates | Jun 16-Jul 25, 2014 | $2,500 Project Success is a six-week, precollege program for students admitted to the University under special conditions. The special conditions for admission would include participation in an intensive summer precollege experience, a Living-Learning Community program and a rigorous freshman year college program. The student must complete a college math, college English and/or “Developmental Course(s).” These courses must be completed with a GPA of 2.0 or above. As a structured Learning Community, students are provided with tutoring, supplemental instruction, support labs, mentoring, counseling and opportunities for social bonding. Upon completion of the full program (including fall and spring semesters), students who maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and above will be allowed to continue enrollment at the University without special conditions. They will continue to be monitored by the Office of Academic Enrichment and receive academic support services. Deadline Jumpstart - May 15th ($500 non-refundable) Orientation Project Success – May 15th Program Dates Jumpstart – June 16th-July 25th (Move-In date 6/15) Jacqueline A. Washington 302.857.7252 More information    

Sustainable Chemistry 2014 Seminar Series

Development and Maintenance of Industrial Chemical Analytical

Laboratory Operations: Practical Applications of Undergraduate Studies

Featuring: Dr. William Holden of FMC Biopolymer

Sustainable Chemistry 2014 Seminar Series

Biobased Materials for Chemicals and Fuels

Featuring: Dr. Jennifer Stewart of University of Delaware Marine Bioscience