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The Body: Anatomy & Physiology Study Session

“The Body: Anatomy & Physiology Study Session”
An intense workshop that will lead you to success through structured study!
EH Building, Room 109
Presenter: Dr. Jacqueline Washington, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/University College
Sponsored by: University College and the College of Education, Health and Public Policy Student Services Center

1890 Land-Grant Universities: Freshman Seminar Presentation

Freshman Seminar Presentation
Dr. Carolyn Brooks, Executive Director 
Association of Research Directors
(1890 Land Grant Universities)
September 3, 11 a.m.
EH Theater, DSU Campus

DSU Celebrates 125!

5th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium

“Celebrating 125 Years of Access and Opportunity” 
5th Annual 
Graduate Student Research Symposium
School of Graduate Studies and Research

April 17, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Welcome to University College


University College
Delaware State University
William C. Jason Library
1200 North DuPont Highway
Dover, DE  19901

Ph:  302.857.7201


Welcome to the newly formed University College where we are devoted to enhancing your college journey for the first two years at Delaware State University! Our central focus is to help you establish a strong collegiate academic foundation that will enable you to persist and progress to becoming a competitive graduate of DSU. University College is designed to help you achieve high academic goals by providing integrated academic program support services (i.e. tutoring, writing and math help), college-skill enhancement courses and advisement that will promote your academic, career, and leadership development. As a student affiliated with University College, we want you to take a personal responsibility for your educational journey. That being said, you will be taught how to navigate campus-wide resources efficiently, how to resolve issues related to your course work, and how to be a strong self-advocate and champion for your academic success. If you have not decided on a major, University College Staff will help guide and support your decision-making process as you explore the different colleges and what each have to offer. We will help you choose the right major for you. University College is dedicated to helping you with your transition to college. To help you gain the most out of your first two years, I encourage you to get involved! Research has revealed that students who are actively engaged in both curricular and co-curricular activities perform better in their course work, tend to complete their degrees in 4 years or less, and are more competitive for graduate or professional school and marketable employment. Therefore, I encourage you to seek out opportunities and plan to get involved in Learning Communities, Service Learning and Undergraduate research. Such opportunities will enhance your overall academic experience. Finally, as you begin your college journey as a DSU Hornet, I encourage you to be mindful of the collegiate ABC’s—positive Attitude, responsible & respectful Behavior, and academic Commitment.  These simple three key elements are essential for a successful matriculation. Again, WELCOME to Delaware State University and University College where “we are meeting students where they are to get them where they need to be.”   Dr. Jacqueline A. Washington Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/University College

Integrated Academic Support and Advisement


Integrated Academic Support and Advisement
William C. Jason Library 2nd Floor
Main Office - Room 208
302.857.7201 (phone)
302.857.6386 (fax)


Integrated Academic Support and Advisement is one of the focus areas of University College. We provide quality academic services and programs that help you become an active and independent learner while pursuing your DSU degree. Our staff is actively engaged and committed to helping every student prepare, advance, and excel in their academic performance by offering the following: Tutoring Center: All students seeking extra help in a variety of courses can come to the Tutoring Center to request a tutor. Students may be tutored individually or in small groups, according to the number of request per subject. For more information, click here.   Quantitative Reasoning Center Our mission is to help improve the persistence and success of students in math courses ranging from Intro to Algebra to Calculus I. For more information, click here.   Writing Studio Our mission is to help improve the writing skills of students, both undergraduate and graduate in any course across the curriculum. For more information, click here.   Academic Programs and Workshops University College offers academic programs and workshops throughout the semester. The schedule for Spring 2015 Academic Programs can be found by clicking here. These programs are open to all students here at DSU and are designed to assist with some of the common challenges that college students face, as well as build upon our students’ existing strengths.    Supplemental Instruction Our mission is to increase student persistence and success in historically difficult courses by providing a collaborative peer learning environment that improves understanding of subject content, fosters critical thinking, and strengthens study skills. For more information, click here. For SI Schedule, click here.   Drop-In Computer Lab: Students sit at state of the art computers to work on classroom assignments, PowerPoint presentations and various assignments.  Students must have a current pass code from DSU's Computing Office. For further information, click here.   Staying-On-Course Program: Students on Academic Probation or Readmitted Suspension are required to participate in the staying on course program that will promote their return to Academic Good standing. For more information, click here.   Credit Bearing Courses: University College offers the following courses: Learning Strategies for Academic Success, Reading Lab, Speed Reading, and University Seminar.    University College Advisement: Each of our five University College Advisors works closely with the advisement centers within DSU’s other five colleges. By remaining up to date on all programs and procedures within each college, we can ensure our undecided students will be advised according to their areas of interest. We also help advise students on academic probation and students requiring accessibility services. A chart outlining our advisement structure can be found below, along with the contact information for our University College Advisors.   Ms. Frances Rogers: 302.857.7985 or Ms. Sarah Hutton: 302.857.6638 or Ms. Tiffany Alexander: 302.857.7646 or Ms. Cindy Blackston: 302.857.6837 or Mr. Chester Boyd: 302.857.7226 or Ms. Cindy Friel: 302.857.7840 or Ms. Roberta Durrington: 302.857.7304 or

Experiential Learning Pathways

Experiential Learning Pathways Summer Integrated Service Learning Project During the summer of 2014, in partnership with the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs, students participating in the Jumpstart Program completed an integrated service learning project. The students were divided among four historic Dover sites: The First State Heritage Park Welcome Center and Galleries, The John Dickinson Plantation, The Johnson Victrola Museum, and The Old State House. After learning about the history of their sites, students facilitated activities for community members, building on DSU’s Core Values of “community” and “outreach.” After facilitating community activities, students held a research symposium on campus. Their presentations integrated key math, English, and history concepts with their community activities. Click here to learn more about the Summer 2014 Integrated Service Learning Project.  We look forward to continuing and expanding this partnership during the summer of 2015.                                                                                     

One Book One Campus

Background:  The DSU “One Book, One Campus” Program seeks to encourage students, staff and faculty to read and discuss a selected book as a community. This “Common Read” serves as a foundation for conversations that employ critical thinking skills and center around topics such as science and history through the lens of the African American experience. The goals of the One Book One Campus program are to enhance students’ critical thinking and writing skills, to stimulate discussions inside and outside of classrooms, and to unite students, staff, and faculty in one learning experience.  2014-2015 Book: The book chosen for One Book One Campus for the 2014-2015 Academic Year is For Freedom's Sake: The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer by Chana Kai Lee. This book continues the charge of reaching a broad range of students and engaging them in current events. Paired with films which examine the tragic events of the movement, this text will allow students to engage with political issues that still remain largely unsettled and the idea of true activism in the face of oppression and injustice. Hamer’s 1964 Democratic Convention address will hopefully spark students to become involved in the next election, the results of which will either help to move the country along the road of progress or send us further toward regression in terms of civil rights. According to the book’s publisher, “Lee renders Hamer's acute political instincts, her rhetorical prowess, and her skill in retooling her past to serve strategic political purposes, as well as her deep frustration with a society that was willing to hold her up as an example of individual heroism but resisted her efforts at collective transformation. Offering a complex understanding of how racism, sexism, violence, and economic injustice intersected to spur the civil rights movement and to shape, and sometimes restrict, the role of women and poor people within it, Lee illuminates the abiding links between political activism and economic transformation.” Spring 2015 Events: On Wednesday, March 25, 2015, the DSU community will have the opportunity to view the film “Freedom Summer” that corresponds with this year’s book. The film will be shown in the MLK Student Center Parlors at 7:00 p.m. On Thursday, March 26, 2015, author Dr. Chana Kai Lee will speak on campus. This event will take place in the Education and Humanities Theater at 7:00 p.m. A book signing will take place after the event; books will be available for purchase at this time.   

University College


University College
Delaware State University
William C. Jason Library
1200 North DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901
Phone: 302.857.7201
Fax: 302.857.6838


The Strategic Plan for Delaware State University

PRIDE 2020: Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence  It is with tremendous pride and pleasure that I present to you the Strategic Plan for Delaware State University — Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence — or PRIDE 2020. Delaware State University is a public, comprehensive 1890 land-grant university established by the Delaware General Assembly on May 15, 1891. In these 123 years, DSU has gone from being a State College offering five courses of study in agriculture, chemistry, the classics, engineering and science to a University offering its 4,505 students 52 baccalaureate, 25 master’s and five doctoral degree programs through 21 academic departments. The University has an Honors Program and a number of strategic international partnerships. In addition to its 356-acre main campus with 50 buildings, DSU also has two farm properties, locations in Wilmington and Georgetown, and a fleet of planes for the Aviation Program with a base of operations at the Delaware Air Park in Cheswold. It has been quite a journey from our humble beginnings. DSU has made significant strides along the way to the year 2014. But that was then, and this is now. PRIDE 2020 outlines for you the steps we will collectively take as we begin our journey toward the next decade — a journey that insures we are a University that prepares tomorrow’s leaders, invests in the community’s well-being and meets global challenges. I charged the University Strategic Planning Council with delivering a plan that was comprehensive, challenging and concise. That committee, under the leadership of Provost Alton Thompson, spent two years meeting with members of our Board of Trustees; faculty, staff and students; community members; University supporters; and local, state and national leaders. They listened to all of your thoughts and ideas; they picked the best you had to offer and paired it with state and national priorities and best practices in higher education. With the plan now in place, the University Strategic Planning Implementation Committee will be responsible for implementing, monitoring and tracking the achievement of its goals and objectives. PRIDE 2020 will become the launching pad for what Delaware State University is to become.   - President Harry L. Williams, Ed.D.