Training Course Outline (TCO)

Delaware State University
TCO — 07-22-2013

Steve Speed, Director
Phil DeRosier, Chief Flight Instructor
John Sherman, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor
Rob Wefelmeyer, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor
Harlan Durham, Chief of Maintenance
Air Agency UDWS188K

This Document demonstrates how Delaware State University intends to comply with the applicable portions of CFR 141, and serves as the Training Course Outline for the Pilot Certification Courses offered by DSU. All official correspondence should be directed to the main campus, Director, Aviation Program


Purpose – The Aviation Program provides education and experience in preparation for careers in the aviation field. Students may qualify for positions as airline pilots, air-traffic controllers, and in various management functions for airlines, corporate entities, and governmental agencies. Curricula in the department lead to a Bachelor’s of Science in Aviation, with concentrations in Aviation Systems, or Aviation Management.
Safety Seminars – The University hosts periodic FAA aviation safety seminars are open to the public and designed to the address safety concerns of the students, faculty, staff, and local area pilots
Conformance - This Training Course Outline meets all of the curriculum requirements for the pilot certification courses as contained in Appendix B, C, D, F, G and I of 14 CFR Part 141
Syllabus – The respective training syllabi included with this Outline contains separate ground, flight, and simulated flight training segments which are normally be taught currently, but may be divided into separate components and taught independently DSU currently use the Jeppesen 141 syllabus for ground, flight and simulator flight courses.
Objective – The objective of the pilot certification courses are to provide the student with the knowledge, skill, and aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements for the respective certificate or rating.
Completion Standards – To meet the course completion standards, the student must demonstrate through written, oral, and flight tests, and appropriate records, that the knowledge, skill, and experience requirements have been met. Completion standards conform to the Jeppesen syllabus and the current PTS for that certificate or rating.

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