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In Delaware State University’s accounting program, students learn to think strategically and perform complex analysis of real-world business problems. Through a combination of classroom lecture and hands-on experience, students develop the professional skills and knowledge to succeed in this profession, while obtaining a foundation to pursue credentials, such as:
  • certified public accountant (CPA) 
  • certified management accountant (CMA)
  • certified internal auditor (CIA)
Because many states require students to complete 150 hours before sitting for the CPA exam, Delaware State University offers a five-year, 150-hour program in which students earn both an undergraduate accounting degree and an MBA.


Required Courses

The Bachelor of Accounting degree consists of 33 credit hours beyond the general management degree. Sample course schedule.
Course Number  Course Name Credit Hours
 42-305  Intermediate Accounting I  3.0
42-306  Intermediate Accounting II  3.0
42-307  Cost Accounting  3.0
42-308  Managerial Cost Accounting  3.0
42-423  Auditing I  3.0
42-311  Individual Tax  3.0
42-402  Business Law  3.0
42-405  Accounting Information Systems  3.0
42-430  Advanced Accounting  3.0
42-427  Governmental Accounting  3.0
42-xxx  Accounting Elective  3.0
Course schedule students interested in the 150-hour program in which students earn both an undergraduate accounting degree and an MBA.

Course Descriptions


Professional Preparation

Graduates of the accounting program enter the job market with the professional skills and experience that employers’ value. All students in the program develop the ability to

  • understand and apply core business fundamentals and accounting fundamentals
  • think creatively and apply accounting knowledge in innovative ways
  • communicate professionally
  • use information technology for research, decision making and problem solving
  • write accounting research reports that incorporate qualitative and quantitative data analysis and integrate information from multiple sources
  • identify ethical dilemmas and uphold professional responsibilities
  • work effectively in diverse settings that include individuals of varying educational backgrounds, experience, gender, age, race, and national origin

Student Clubs

The Accounting and Finance Club and student chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants are very active student organizations. These organizations sponsor networking events, job fairs, guest lectures, and are involved with the institute of Management Accountants and Association of Government Accountants.

Internships and Professional Experience

Students have the opportunity to gain practical work experience through internships at accounting firms, government agencies, and corporate accounting organizations.


Accounting Faculty

Dr. Bridget Anakwe
Mr. Michael Katz, J.D.
Ms. Susan Muzorewa
Dr. Bernadette Ruf (Chairperson)
Dr. Joan Williamson

Careers In Accounting

A degree in accounting paves the way to many career opportunities:

  • Public accountants offer financial reporting, auditing and assurance, tax and consulting services.
  • Management accountants provide support for and participate in decision making, planning and budgeting, control and performance evaluation, and strategy in business and other organizations.
  • Government accountants support financial management, financial reporting, internal controls, compliance with policy, planning and budgeting in government agencies.
  • Internal auditors monitor internal controls and compliance with policies, assess enterprise risk, promote efficiency and effectiveness in organizations, and contribute to effective corporate governance.

Recent Placements

  • Ernst & Young
  • KPMG
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Bank of America
  • Hertz, Rental Car
  • Hirsh Industries