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  The Second Regional Undergraduate Research Conference


Listed alphabetically by presenter’s last name


“Preparation and Characterization of Temozolomide-Loaded Chitosan Nanoparticles for Targeting Brain Tumors,” Jennifer Boucicaut; Dr. Cherese Winstead, Faculty Sponsor


“The Effects of Nordic Walking Poles on Middle-Aged Women with Metabolic Syndrome,” Taffie Brown; Dr. Carla Murgia, Faculty Sponsor


“Perceptions of Natural Hair in the 21st Century,” Jessica Bull; Dr. Maggie Ussery, Faculty Sponsor


“Diversity, Competition, and Localism: Re-examining the Federal Communications Commission,” Shantel Campbell; Dr. Daniel Yanich, Faculty Sponsor


“Examining the Underlying Psychopathology of Adolescent Males Who Have Committed Homicide,” Charles Casteel; Dr. Gwendolyn Scott-Jones, Faculty Sponsor


“Beneficial Effects of Rhiozopheric Microbiota on Rice,” Janet Cordero; Dr. Harsh Bais and Dr. Venkatesan Sundaresan, Faculty Sponsors


“Speech Impediments and Delayed Cognitive and Social Development in Children,” Alexis Davis; Dr. Padmini Banerjee, Faculty Sponsor


The Bell Curve: Its Social, Economic, and Political Effects on African Americans, the Poor, and Other Minority Groups,” Delvise Fogwe; Dr. Andrew Blake, Faculty Sponsor


“The Split of Sudan: How Crimes against Humanity Affect Sudan’s Economic Status,” Malik Foster; Dr. Samuel Hoff, Faculty Sponsor


“Crosslinking Venom Protein to Melanoma Cells,” Michelle Francis; Dr. Mary Ann McLane, Faculty Sponsor


“The Effect of Paternal Parenting Stress on Child Cognitive Development at 24 Months of Age,” Kimele Gray; Dr Antoinette Farmer, Faculty Sponsor


“The ‘Sophomore Slump': The Invisible Year,” Gianna Harris; Dr. Millicent Carvalho-Grevious, Faculty Sponsor


“Abolish or Not? The True Public Policy of Capital Punishment through the Northeastern Perspective,” Samantha Holsey; Dr. Samuel Hoff, Faculty Sponsor


“Starving for Perfect: The Disconnection between America’s Food Waste and Insecurity,” Sonya Inderbitzin; Dr. Andrew Blake, Faculty Sponsor


“Reinventing Black Womanhood in the Writings of Phillis Wheatley and Zora Neale Hurston,” ReShawn Johnson; Dr. Andrew Blake and Dr. Myrna Nurse, Faculty Sponsors


“African Americans and Mathematics: A Literature Review,” Cearra Jones; Dr. Nicola Edwards-Omolewa, Faculty Sponsor


“The Effects of Appointment Defaults on Attitudes toward Influenza Vaccinations,” Shatice Jones; Dr. Gretchen Chapman, Faculty Sponsor


“Single Mothers vs. Single Fathers: The Academic Performance of Children Raised by Opposite Sex Parent,” Sashalee King; Dr. Rebecca Fox-Lykens, Faculty Sponsor


“The Underground Railroad: Past and Present,” Monet Le’Mon; Dr. A. Myrna Nurse, Faculty Sponsor


“Friend or Foe? Crisis Communications during the 2011 Japan Tsunami,” Rashidah McCoy; Dr. Francine Edwards, Faculty Sponsor


“Dopamine Modulation through an Auto-Receptor in C. Elegans Behavioral Plasticity,” Rochelle McDonald; Dr. Harbinder Dhillon, Faculty Sponsor


“Children Learning Words through Categorization,” Jazzmyn Molson; Dr. Rachel Pulverman, Faculty Sponsor


“Jail Punishment in Education: Disciplinary Actions and Young Black Men in the Third and Fourth Periods,” Tobe Ofuani; Dr. Jacqueline Aldridge, Faculty Sponsor


“Using Basketball for Social, Physical, Psychological, and Educational Development,” Darice Owens; Dr. Gwendolyn Scott-Jones, Faculty Sponsor


“Autism’s Emotional Impact on Mothers of Autistic Children,” Khalice Payne; Dr. Andrew Blake


“The Metabolic Cycle of Life-Linking Glucose Anabolism and Catabolism,” Michelle Pleet and Lisa Centrone; Dr. Robert A. Sikes and Dr. Carlton R. Cooper, Faculty Sponsors


“The Continuous Role of Religion on Public Policy,” Akiah Powell; Dr. Samuel Hoff, Faculty Sponsor


“Investigations of Syntactic Bootstrapping,” Kara Rice; Dr. Rachel Pulverman, Faculty Sponsor


“Gender Disparity in the Public Relations Field,” Michelle Rolsal; Dr. Michael Casson, Faculty Sponsor


“Skin Tone, Beauty, and Marriage: Colorism and Skin Tone’s Effect on Marriage Rates for Black Women,” Kristin D. Rowe; Dr. Carol E. Henderson and Dr. Phillip Mink, Faculty Sponsors


“What Is the Cause of Mid-Air Collisions?: A Study of the Reasons for the High Rate of Collisions in Instructional Flights,” J. Jamel Smiley; Captain Stephen Speed, Faculty Sponsor


“Extended Internet Use: Friend or Foe?” Synquette Wilks; Dr. Myna German, Faculty Sponsor


“Efficacy of Pumpkin Seed Oil on Parasite Control in Lambs,” Clinton Williams; Dr. Dahlia Jackson-O’Brien, Faculty Sponsor


“Trust: A Measure of Bias,” Mikhail Wint; Dr. John Rich, Faculty Sponsor


“The Effect of Ethanol on the Mauthner Cell,” Travis Worrell; Dr. Theresa Tszabo-Maas, Faculty Sponsor

The Second Regional Undergraduate Student Research Conference

Social, Technological, and Scientific Advancements of the 21st Century


Participating Institutions

Delaware State University

Lincoln University

University of Delaware


Keynote Speakers

Dr. Robin Smith Williams

Salome Thomas-El


Program Coordinators

Dr. Andrew Blake

Dr. Carol E. Henderson

Dr. Myrna Nurse

Dr. John Rich


Panel Sessions

“Colorism and Culture in the 21st Century”

            ReShawn Johnson

            Yetunde Olayinka

            Taria Pritichett

            Kristin Rowe


“Community under Pressure: Parenting and Social Development in the New Age”

            Kimele Gray

            Sashalee King

            Richard Faison

            Charnele Davis


“Donning Culture in the Digital Age”

            Thiasia Johnson

            Mikhail Wint

            Brooklynn Hitchens

            Jessica Bull


“Growing up in the Age of Technology”

            Jazzmyn Molson

            Khalice Payne

            Darice Owens

            Alexis Davis


“Inventing Race in the Social and Scientific”

            Tobe Ofuani

            J. Jamel Smiley

            Kara Rice

            Delvise Fogwe


“Mind, Body, Spirit Advancements in the New Millennium”

            Jennifer Boucicaut

            Taffie Brown

            Latia Manning

            Sonya Inderbitzin           


“Re-examining America’s Social Contract”

            Shantel Campbell

            Michelle Rolsal

            Michelle Francis           


“Scientific Progress in the 21st Century”

            Shatice Jones

            Rochelle McDonald

            Clinton Williams

            Travis Worrell


“Social Media and Public Policy”

            Rashidah McCoy

            Malik Foster

            Samantha Holsey

            Charles Casteel


“Social Networks and Race”

            Synquette Wilks

            Cearra Jones

            Gianna Harris

            Lavine Grimes


Poster Presentations

            Janet Cordero

            Michelle Francis

            Hillari Howard

            Monet Le’Mon

            Michelle Pleet