Dr. Stephen Taylor

Dr. Taylor earned his Ph.D. in philosophy at Bryn Mawr College. His research and teaching interests include: John Stuart Mill, Normative Ethical Theory, Political Theory, Bioethics, Medical Ethics, Environmental Ethics, and Business Ethics. In addition to numerous published articles on: bioethics, (a number of topics on) medical ethics, and ethical theory, Dr. Taylor serves as the ethicist on a variety of committees throughout the state of Delaware, including (but not limited to): Bayhealth Medical Center’s Ethics Committee; Delaware Hospice’s Ethics Committee; and the Delaware Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health’s Newborn Screening/Specialty Formula Fund Committee, and their Genetics Advisory Committee. In addition to his faculty responsibilities, Dr. Taylor serves as the Director of The Ethics Resource Site (http://www.desu.edu/ethics-resource-site) at Delaware State University, and serves as the ethicist on a number and variety of programs and projects funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

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