Chinese alumni make their mark on a global scale

From left, Bing Han, President Harry L. Williams and Chao Yu. Han and Yu both received Master of Science degrees in Applied Optics and Ph.Ds. in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics from DSU.

Halfway across the world, a product of Delaware State University’s master’s and doctoral degree programs is managing a multimillion dollar company while his wife  — also a graduate of the same programs — is teaching university-level mathematics.

Bing Han and his wife, Chao Yu, are using the advanced degrees they earned at DSU to propel their careers in business and higher education, respectively. Both earned Master of Science degrees in Applied Optics and Ph.Ds. in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics. Yu completed her doctoral degree in 2009, while Han finished his in 2012.

Both have returned to their native China to make their country a beneficiary of the knowledge they attained at DSU. Han is the general manager of Jinxing Automotive Interior Decoration Inc., a designer and manufacturer of car interior elements for 15 different automobile manufacturers, including General Motors, BMW, Volkswagen, Fiat, as well Inteva, one of the world’s largest global automotive suppliers.
The company, which employs more than 1,300 people, brought in more than $19 billion in revenue in 2012.

Yu teaches mathematics at Liaoning University in the Chinese city of Shenyang.

Han said both he and his wife enjoyed their time at DSU.

“We had a lot of support and help from the faculty at DSU, and not just with the courses, but with everything else concerning our time in the U.S.,” Han said. “Dr. Fengshan Liu (DSU vice president of International Affairs) was very important to us.”

Han, 32, said his degree work at DSU has made him a more valuable executive at Jinxing.

“The mathematics courses helped me to deal better with problems and how to arrive at solutions,” Han said.

Not only an advanced student at DSU, Han was also a mathematics instructor and was the University’s first-ever Chinese language teacher. “Teaching classes at DSU helped me greatly with my English,” Han said. “Because a lot of Jinxing’s customers are international, my improved English has helped me to communicate with a lot of them.”

Han and Yu have two children, a son named Jiaxu and a daughter, Catherine, who was actually born during their time in the United States, giving the child citizenship in both the U.S. and China.
In China, Han said he and his wife get to meet some Chinese students destined to attend DSU.

“I tell them to talk with Americans and get to know American society,” he said. “I tell them to learn the culture because the current America is the future of China.”

Han and Yu were recently reunited in China with Dr. Liu and President Harry L. Williams, who traveled to the country in June to meet with some university collaborators of DSU. He said he thinks highly of Dr. Williams.

“(Dr. Williams) is a nice person who cares about the Chinese people,” Han said. “I believe he will bring a bright future for DSU.”

-- Story by Carlos Holmes