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Delaware State University needs your help in several areas of outreach, including student recruitment and student mentoring. Several events are planned and many are available right now where you can make a positive impact. Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 302.857.6050 and sign up, or may also email us: alumni@desu.edu. DSU needs you!

About the Office of Alumni Relations

The Office of Alumni Relations is a unit of the Division of Institutional Advancement. The Executive Director reports to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

The Office of Alumni Relations exists to forge, foster and facilitate strong, positive relationships between the university and its graduates, and to bolster the natural camaraderie which exists among them. To this end, the office is involved in the organization of meetings, reunions, and social activities among alumni groups. It also works in collaboration with other university offices and staff to engage alumni in positive, value added initiatives, projects and programs that broadly enhance mission-based outcomes. The Office of Alumni Relations is also responsible for leading production of the alumni newsletter, The ECHO, and other publications which promote university and alumni activities. The office aids alumni in establishing, maintaining, and building upon their DSU connections.

The Office of Alumni Relations also serves as the clearinghouse for events, activities and the collection of membership dues of the DSU Alumni Association. 

The Office of Alumni Relations is located in the Administration Building 2nd floor, Room 206, on the front end of the campus. Alumni are always welcome and are encouraged to visit whenever they are in the area.

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E-mail: alumni@desu.edu
Phone 302.857.6050

Fax 302.857.6052


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