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From Ernst & Young to BET, see how some of our alumni are making their mark on the world.

  Alumni Interviews

See how these alumni are making their mark on the would.


KaLonna D. Maull

Supervisor, Perdue Farms Inc.'s, Further Processing Department 
BS, Food and Nutritional Sciences, 2010
MS, Food Science, 2012

DSU: What made you decide to major in Food and Nutritional Sciences?

KALONNA: I was interested in that major because (a younger family member) was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. My family's whole focus was on that. read more>


Christina Collins

District Sales Manager, Monsanto
Agri-Business, 2008

DSU: What made you decide to major in Agri-Business?

CHRISTINA: I actually started as a Marketing major, but switched after speaking with a few people in the College of Agriculture. I met the program leader of DSU’s Cooperative Extension, which helps urban youth get involved in agriculture, who got me thinking about Agri-Business. read more>


Tony Anderson

Digital Journalist, BET
Mass Communications, 2007

DSU: How did you first decide to come to Delaware State?

TONY: Well, I had been accepted to a few colleges, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do coming out of high school. Like most young people, I didn’t really have much direction as to what my future would be.  read more>


Ralph Wesley

P.A. Announcer for the Washington Wizards; Voice-Over Artist
Mass Communications, 2005

DSU: How did you originally decide to come to Delaware State?

RALPH: I visited the campus while I was in high school; I believe it was 2000. I really wanted to see the Department of Mass Communications, and one of the students took us around the facility and showed us everything.  read more>


Erika Grant

Audit Intern, Ernst & Young; Accepted in Vanguard’s Acceleration into Financial Professionals Program
Accounting, 2012

DSU: You’re at an internship with Ernst & Young now, preparing for a full-time position with Vanguard. How’d you get into the field?

ERIKA: One thing that definitely helped was the size of the accounting program at DSU. Our graduating accounting class was only about 15 students, so we were a little bit more close-knit. Since we were all from different areas, we had a wide variety of networks and contacts to share.  read more>


Alicia Reed

Staff Development Coordinator, Pinnacle Rehabilitation 
Nursing, 2007

DSU: Can you talk a little bit about your experience in the Nursing Program?

ALICIA: The biggest thing I enjoyed about the program is that it’s designed to give students a lot of real-world experience. I started clinicals my sophomore year, working directly with the nurses and patients in different facilities.  read more>


Jenel Cobb

Project Manager, Niiki Pharma
Biology, 2003

DSU: How did you originally decide to come to Delaware State?

JENEL: In the spring of 1999, I believe, I went on a tour of a few Historically Black Colleges and Universities. I loved the overall feeling of Delaware State. I remember thinking that the campus itself was beautiful, and that the students seemed to really be enjoying themselves there.  read more>


Deondra Short

Student Trainee, Department of Defense
Forensic Biology, 2012 

DSU: You’re beginning your career with an exciting position at the Department of Defense. How did you get started on this path? 

DEONDRA: Actually from the moment I started out freshman year, I had freshman seminar classes that helped in the area of professional development. I was able to build a resume that detailed all of my skills and areas of expertise, which put me in the mindset to start preparing for my career.  read more>