Classroom Management - I Can Problem Solve

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Classroom Management & Guidance


The Lab School promotes positive behavior management techniques to prevent challenging behaviors. We arrange the classrooms for active exploration and individual decision making opportunities. Clear age appropriate class rules and expectations are posted and reviewed daily. We use redirection, active listening, modeling and positive reinforcement to encourage positive behavior.

The staff is encouraged to give attention to and reward appropriate behavior.  Inappropriate behavior is ignored.  However, if the behavior cannot be ignored, the child is verbally reminded of the classroom rules and expectations. If the verbal appeals are unsuccessful, the child will be asked to move to a quiet area in the classroom away from the learning centers until he/she can behave appropriately. If the challenging behavior persists, a parent-teacher conference will be scheduled to determine strategies to improve age appropriate behaviors and consequences for inappropriate behaviors.

In an effort to solve problems in a productive manner, children are guided through a series of lessons providing techniques and language specified in the Interpersonal Cognitive Problem-Solving Program by Dr. Myrna B. Shure (ICPS) also known as “I Can Problem Solve.”