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Are you curious about a degree in agriculture, food and nutrition, natural resources or textiles and apparel studies? Contact the CARS Ambassadors to learn more:





  CARS Ambassadors

CARS Ambassadors

The College of Agriculture and Related Sciences (CARS) Ambassadors Program is a student-mentoring initiative and public relations effort for the college. The main goal of the CARS Ambassadors Program is to promote the quality and quantity of applicants seeking admission to the college while supplying ambassadors with the tools necessary for professional development. Students majoring in agriculture, natural resources, textile and apparel studies, and food and nutrition are eligible to participate in the CARS Ambassadors Program. 

Goals for the Ambassadors Program

  • Encouraging high school juniors and seniors to pursue higher education
  • Creating opportunities for high school students learn about agricultural and allied professions as viable career options
  • Introducing potential students to the array of degree opportunities and resources offered through CARS and Delaware State University

Schedule the CARS Ambassadors to assist at your upcoming event.

Ambassadors can be requested by middle and high schools for presentations and by CARS faculty to assist with college and departmental events and programs. For more information, contact Mr. Alex D. Meredith at 302.857.6410, or 

Meet The Ambassadors 

Taylor Pleasanton, President 2015 - 2016
Classification: Senior

Major: Criminal Justice    

Minor: Biology

Hometown: Hartly, DE

Campus Activities: Criminal Justice Club, National FFA Organization

"Why are you a Hornet?" The campus is big enough to get the college experience but the class sizes are small and students are able to have personal attention from teachers if they need extra help or guidance.

Career Goals: Undecided; possibly a middle school science teacher or crime scene investigator

Advice for Students: “Stay on track and come up with your own personal study habits that help you succeed. Do not get side tract by all of the other things going on but be involved in your school and the community.”

"Ask Me About…" My trip to Louisville Kentucky for the National FFA Convention
Contact me at: 

Ashley Tabibian, Recording Secretary 2015 - 2016
Classification: Junior

Major: Plant Science with Agronomy

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Campus Activities: FFA

"Why are you a Hornet?" We have a beautiful campus, a great Agriculture department with a dedicated and caring staff and lots of opportunities.

Career Goals: Research Farming

Advice for Students: Know your own limits and push them. 

"Ask Me About…" My first trip to FFA Nationals

Benjamain Bougouneau
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Food and Nutrition

Hometown: Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Campus Activities: FFA (Future Farmer of America), MANRRS
"Why are you a Hornet?" I love this campus, and DSU offers many opportunities for me to excel in my field.
Career Goals: My goal is to go back to the Virgin Islands and become the Commissioner of Agriculture.
Advice for Students: Develop time management skills and always apply yourself to whatever you are doing.
"Ask Me About…" My experience conducting undergraduate research as an intern within the Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources.


​Daisha Capers
Classification: Sophomore

Major: Agriscience Education

Hometown: Dover, Delaware

Campus Activities: MANRRS

"Why are you a Hornet?" They have the best agriculture program and the campus is diverse

Career Goals: To educate communities on the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Advice for Students: Don’t be so hard on yourself, we’re all growing and still learning every chance we get.

"Ask Me About…" My internship at Fifer Orchards this past summer

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Danielle Dawkins
Classification: Junior

Major: Textile and Apparel Studies

Minor: English

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Campus Activities: Resident Assistant, Honors Student, Big Sister Little Sister

"Why are you a hornet?" I am a hornet because Delaware State University has open so many doors for me to reach my potential. Delaware State University is not just a university it is a family!

Career Goals: I aspire to work for the clothing company H&M as a visual merchandiser and then something in the management area such as a district manager. After fulfilling my dream in the business aspect of the fast pace retail world I want to teach fashion courses at a university such as LIM, FIT, or The New School in New York City which are University’s geared towards individuals seeking business and fashion only.

Advice for Students: Start Off Strong! Yes college is a difficult four years but you must work your hardest and push through. Every person at Delaware State University is here for the same goal and that is to obtain a degree. Don’t let other outside factors deter you from the main goal. Yes, you should go out, party, network, make friends, make memories, and enjoy your overall college experience. However, when all is said and done your degree is what you must show for in the end. Don’t loose sight!

"Ask Me About…" How my name and my initials are unique

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Jade Jackson
Classification: Sophomore

Major: Pre-Veterinary Sciences

Minor (if you have one): None                   

Hometown: Bronx, New York

Campus Activities: Street Team, MANRRs

"Why are you a Hornet?" Because it’s an honor to be a part of the Delaware State University-College of Agriculture & Related Science family!

Career Goals: To become a veterinarian for either pet animals or farm animals; would love to work with marine animals though.

Advice for Students: Find what you love and let it kill you.

"Ask Me About…" The time I helped save a man who was on fire.

Contact me at:

​Kierra Johnson
Classification: Junior

Major: Pre-Veterinary Science

Minor (if you have one):

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Campus Activities: MANRRS, Pre-Vet Club, First Generation Club

"Why are you a Hornet?" The people here are friendly and the campus has a lot of fun/ educational activities.

Career Goals: To complete veterinary school and become a small animal veterinarian.

Advice for Students: To really figure out exactly what it is that you want to go for educationally and career wise, and stay focused on accomplishing the goal you set.

"Ask Me About…" How it was going to W.B. Saul High School, an agricultural based school

Contact me at: 

Krystal Martindale
Classification: Junior

Major: Agri-Business

Hometown: Brooklyn, Ny

Campus Activities: MANRRS, First Generation Club, National Society of Leadership and Success, The Wide Life Society.

"Why are you a Hornet?" The Agriculture program here is phenomenal, and they offer us a lot of great opportunities. The people here are friendly and know how to make you feel welcomed.

Career Goals: I would like to work for the USDA and one day have my own business selling only organic products.

Advice for students: Work hard but also make sure that you have some fun as well. All work and no play causes a lot of stress and burn-out. Experience everything the college has to offer at least once.

"Ask me about..." MANNRS and all of the wonderful things we do for the community.

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Jennifer Savin
Classification: Sophomore

Major: Food and Nutritional Sciences: Dietetics

Minor (if you have one): none

Hometown: Smyrna, DE

Campus Activities: FAN Club, FFA

"Why are you a Hornet?" The class sizes are not any bigger than what I am used to and I love the layout of the campus.

Career Goals: I want to become a registered dietician that works with small children

Advice for Students: Time always moves faster than you expect, so make sure to plan your day wisely!

"Ask Me About…" how I transitioned from being a high school senior to a college freshman.

Contact me at: 

CARS Ambassadors is a student organization of the College of Agriculture and Related Sciences 

CARS Ambassadors


Alex D. Meredith
Miss Taylor Pleasanton
Vice President 
Recording Secretary
Miss Ashley Tabibian
Benjamain Bougouneau
Daisha Capers
Danielle Dawkins
Jade Jackson
Kierra Johnson
Krystal Martindale
Jennifer Savin

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