Admission Requirement and Curriculum


A. Educational Objectives of the Program

The degree will involve a minimum of two years with 30 credit hours of Advanced and seminar-style coursework. The Graduate Program in Food Science is a multi-disciplinary program that integrates knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Nutrition and Engineering. Students entering the program must concentrate in one of two areas: 1) Food Microbiology or 2) Food Chemistry. Background course requirements will normally be satisfied with completion of a BS degree in Food Science from an accredited institution. Students deficient in the background courses will be required to complete selected undergraduate coursework to fulfill these background course requirements.
B. Program Requirement and Curriculum

- Admission Requirements
For admission into the MS degree program in Food Science, applicants are required to have completed a B.S. degree in Food Science, Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition or a closely related field. Prospective graduate students must have a minimum 2.75 overall undergraduate GPA of their undergraduate work and have taken the GRE. Students who have not taken the GRE will be given probational admission. Students on probational admission must complete admission requirements on/or before the end of the first semester. All applicants are required to:
1.       Have a Baccalaureate degree
2.       Complete an application for admission
3.       Submit official transcript(s)
4.       Submit GRE scores
5.       Submit a resume
6.       Submit two letters of recommendation to the Office of Graduate School and copies to the Chairperson of the
  Human Ecology 
7.       The TOEFL test must be taken if the earned baccalaureate degree is from a non-English speaking country.
  The department of Human Ecology’s graduate committee will review students’ application materials and make
  a recommendation for acceptance into the Food Science program. Admission to a graduate degree program
  requires both the recommendation of the department and the Graduate School.
Degree Requirement:
Students admitted into the Food Science program are required to complete at least 24 hours of graduate-level course work. A Master's degree in Food Science is conferred upon completion of required coursework, and by maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA and completing and defending a Thesis.
Non-Degree Option
This option provides an opportunity for MBA and other professionals to pursue graduate coursework for their professional growth.
- Required Course Work
Students enrolled in the Food Science graduate program are required to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours. Required coursework includes: 1) Fundamentals of Food Science, 2) Advanced Food Microbiology, 3) Food Toxicology, and 4) Experimental Design. Students must complete graduate level course work with the approval of an advisor.

  1. Total hours required: a minimum of 30 credit hours. All coursework must be above 500-level.
  2. Transfer Credits: a maximum of 6 credit hours may be transferred into the program from another accredited institution of higher learning. For credits to be transferred: 1) the course curriculum must have covered material equivalent to that of the substituted course within the program, 2) the student must have earned a minimum grade of “B” for the course, and 3) the course must be approved by the student’s Advisory Committee.
  3. Departmental Seminar: students are required to take 2 credit hours of departmental seminar.
  4. Candidates must develop a thesis topic, prepare a research prospectus and submit to a thesis committee for approval. Prior to graduation, a candidate must conduct research work, collect and analyze data, and write results and present to the Thesis Committee for defense. A minimum of 6 credit hours are required for Thesis research.
C. Program Management

Thesis/Advisory Committee: Students admitted into the program must have an Advisor who will serve as the Chairperson of the Thesis/Advisory Committee. A student’s Academic Advisor, in consultation with the student, must select an Advisory Committee during the last week of the first semester and no later than the first month of the second semester. The Thesis/Advisory Committee must be approved by the Department Chairperson and the Graduate School. The Advisory Committee should consist of a minimum of three graduate faculty members, and one of the members must be from another department.
Thesis/ Advisory Committee Responsibility: The responsibility of this Committee is to guide students’ research work and proofread their thesis, evaluate their academic performance and conduct an appropriate examination.
Time Limit for Completion of Degree: It is expected that this program will take two to three years.