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The University website is a vital communications tool reaching both internal and external audiences. It is also one of the most important marketing vehicles and contributes to the image of DSU. The look, content and navigability of the site can easily influence the user: for example, a prospective student’s web experience can determine whether or not the student will apply. 



Web Changes 

The following lists the different types of website changes and the individual responsible for making them. 

Request Type By Content Manager  By Webmaster
Simple web update  
Technical issues ( example: no web access)   Olympia Friday
Uploading a photo/image to web  
Replacing a photo/image on web  
Web forms Need form fields & info from requestor Olympia Friday
Web form updates (includes changes to registration dials)   Olympia Friday
Posting new web rotation   Olympia (1st), Jennifer Rickard (2nd)
Create a new web page  
Development of new web design/messaging Requires brief meeting with department Olympia Friday
Button updates on homepage   Olympia Friday


Olympia Friday
Assistant Web Manager