Achieving Academic Success at DSU

The following are helpful hints to help you achieve success at Delaware State University inside and outside of the classroom.

“You're here because you're smart”

Successful Students . . .

  • have clear educational goals. (Try writing your goals down on paper.)
  • are active learners who learn for the sake of learning.
  • have good study skills.
  • are interested in their coursework.
  • have the will to succeed.

Effective Students . . .

  • have a regular study schedule.
  • usually work at the same time each day.
  • work mostly in a regular study place.
  • review notes soon after a lecture.
  • do not get easily distracted.
  • do not need exams for motivation.

(adapted from Walter Pauk, How to Study in College, 4th edition, p. 5 and 14)

To achieve successfully and to be effective you need to:

  • Keep academics as your priority!
  • Attend each class regularly. Be sure to participate in class!
  • Find supportive peers with similar academic goals.
  • Meet with your Adviser and instructors regularly.
  • Get to know and utilize University resources. Don't be afraid to ask questions of your Professor and Residence Life staff members - they are here to help you!
  • Do your assignments on a daily basis.
  • Buy and read necessary text for class.
  • Always read before your classes, and write down questions to ask your professor/Instructor.
  • Schedule study time everyday. Don't let assignments and studying pile up.
  • Get involved in an activity on campus. DSU has numerous organizations for student involvement - see what different
      organizations have to offer and get involved. Some students suggest getting involved in at least one organization or
      activity.  Other students suggest the rule of three: get involved in DSU's version of an organization you were involved
      with in high school (i.e. glee club, student government), get involved in a second organization related to your major, and
      get involved in a third organization that is completely new to you.
  • Get to know your instructors. They are a valuable resource.
  • The moment you feel overwhelmed in any area of life, seek assistance.
  • Become a good time manager!
  • Strive for excellence.
  • Find a study environment that meets your learning needs. (Library, your room, the lounge, outside under a tree etc.)
  • Set goals for yourself; find someone that can hold you accountable to your goals.
  • Ask a staff or faculty member to be a your Mentor !
  • If you don't understand something, seek clarification.
  • Always, always ask Questions!!

Below are a few important resources from which you can seek assistance.

The following are websites that can help you with your study skills:

Academic Tips dot Org
Sweet Briar College Academic Resource Center
Time Management

The following are GPA calculators:

University of Minnesota Duluth GPA Calculator
My-GPA-Calculator dot Com