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Advisement and Preregistration Plan

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Delaware State University has taken steps to ensure that you have uninterrupted access to your course instruction and support services required for successful completion of the academic year. Unless otherwise stated, classes will be held online via Blackboard until further notice. Therefore, as part of these efforts, the Office of Student Success has devised a plan of action and list of resources for academic advising and pre-registration.  As of now, the plan is as follows: 

  1. Advisement and Pre-registration
    • Advisement for Fall preregistration will be delivered online.
    • Completed Course selection forms will be emailed to unregistered Freshmen and Sophomores by advisors.
    • Upon receipt, students are expected to review and confirm approval of course selections and notify advisors via email.
    • Upon notification, advisors will complete schedule pre-population and notify students. 
    • Upon notification, students review schedules and confirm schedules with advisors via email.
    • Advisors will hold two (2) weekly Blackboard Collaborate or Microsoft Teams meetings to answer general questions – log in access to your assigned session will be provided via email.
    • Hours of Operation – 8:30am- 4:30pm. Advisors’ evening hours will be communicated via email to assigned advisees.
  2. IDP I and II Completion
    • To set up an IDP meeting, schedule an appointment with an advisor via AppointmentPlus at https://booknow.appointment-plus.com/9enxxddk/ 
    • IDP questions will be emailed to students – Students are to complete these questions and review them with advisors during virtual/online Advisement sessions. Advisement sessions will include, but are not limited to: 
      • i. Midterm Grades
      • ii. Course Schedule
      • iii. Financial Aid & Student Account Reminders
      • iv. Course Add & Drop (as needed)  
      • v. Change of Major (as needed) 
  3. Success Plans
    • Success plans will be completed on an as-needed basis. For more information on success plans, please contact your advisor. 
  4. Programming
    • Two (2) student success workshop sessions will be developed and made available for students. Ms. Tiffany Alexander, Coordinator of Student Transition, will facilitate this process and make outreach to students. She can be reached at talexander [at] desu.edu if you have any questions.
  5. Books & Course Material
    • If your books or course materials are in your dorms, please notify your faculty and advisor.
    • Faculty are working to address how you will use the material - more information to follow. 
  6. Housing and Residential Life
    • The Office of Student Affairs is developing protocols to deal with all situations involving critical questions of housing in special cases. More details will be forthcoming on the University website.
    • A list of student names has been compiled (i.e. student athletes, international students, foster care candidates, etc.) of whom may require special accommodations during this time.
    • If you fall in any of these categories, please notify the housing office for assistance during normal business hours (M-F, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.). For questions or concerns, please call or email Mr. Phillip Holmes, Director of Housing, at pholmes [at] desu.edu.
  7. Student Accessibility Services:
    • For information on accommodations, please visit the SAS website or contact Dr. Ann Knettler, Coordinator of Accessibility Services by phone at 302.857.6898 or by email at aksmith [at] desu.edu. 
  8. Library Services
    • Library services will be available as scheduled. Please see the attached library schedule.  
    • If library research assistance is required or if you have questions about your library account, please contact the library at Libref [at] desu.edu or at 302-857-6191, during regular scheduled hours to speak to a member of our library staff. Students can also use the chat app on the library’s main webpage to chat with a reference librarian: http://www.desu.edu/academics/library 
  9. Integrated Academic Support Services
    • Tutoring – online tutoring and academic support will remain available to students through Tutor.com. Please see the attached flyer with information on access to online tutoring.
    • For questions or concerns about academic support services, please contact Ms. Anna Cortese, IASS Director at acortese [at] desu.edu.
  10. Contact
    • General Inquiries: studentsuccess [at] desu.edu
    • Advisor Contact Information: Please see the Academic Advisor Directory on the Office of Student Success home page. 
  11. Student Athletes
    • Student athletes must keep in contact via email with their Athletic Advisors and Primary Advisors to ensure successful transitions and satisfactory academic progress at this time. Please contact Mrs. Nikita Y. Robins-Thompson, Associate Director of Athletics at nrobinsthompson [at] desu.edu for questions or concerns. 
  12. Honors
    • Honors Program Students must stay in contact via email with their Program Director and Primary Advisors to ensure successful transition, compliance and satisfactory academic progress during this period.
    • For questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Shonda Poe, Director of the Honors Program at spoe [at] desu.eduor Mrs. Terry Paul-Smith, Secretary of the Honors Program at tpsmith [at] desu.edu. 
  13. International Students 
    • International Students must stay in contact via email with their Primary Advisors and Program Director to ensure successful transition, compliance and satisfactory academic progress during this period. For questions or concerns, please contact your advisor or Mrs. Candace Moore, Director of International Programs at cmoore [at] desu.edu
  14. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) See list of FAQs to address some of your concerns.  Rest assured, the Office of Student Success will remain vigilant in our efforts to provide you with the necessary support needed during this time and will communicate any changes to the Action Plan. We will continue to send weekly communications via email and social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).