About the Library


An open invitation is extended to you to utilize our facilities and services. Please feel free to ask the William C. Jason Library staff for assistance at any time.

Located near the center of the campus, the William C. Jason Library serves as the hub of the University's academic program. The library has an open stacks system and provides information services to faculty, staff, students, and the community-at-large. Library-related instruction, information, and guidance are available to all patrons and groups who visit the facility.  The building includes:

Library Services:

  • Archives and Special Collections Room
  • Computer Labs
  • Rosetta Stone Language Room
  • Group Study Rooms
  • Viewing Room
  • Educational Library

NOTE: Policies and procedures are subject to change at the discretion of the library administration.  The printed Library Handbook, posted signs, and policy memoranda take precedence over policies described in the site.

Other Services:

  • Academic Services for Students' Athletics ( 2nd floor, phone: (302) 857-7542)
  • Academic Support Center (2nd floor, phone: (302) 857-6385)
  • Art Gallery (Library lobby, phone: (302) 857-6697)
  • College of Mathematics, National Science & Technology (6th floor, phone: (302) 857-6500)
  • Graduate Studies and Research (6th floor, phone: (302) 857-6839)
  • INBRE Research (6th floor, phone: (302) 857-7853)
  • HBCU-UP SMILE (6th floor, phone: (302) 857-7328)