Alicia Reed


Alicia Reed

Staff Development Coordinator, Pinnacle Rehabilitation
Nursing, 2007


DSU: Can you talk a little bit about your experience in the Nursing Program?

ALICIA: The biggest thing I enjoyed about the program is that it’s designed to give students a lot of real-world experience. I started clinicals my sophomore year, working directly with the nurses and patients in different facilities. That’s when everything I was learning in class really started to click. The simulators in the nursing lab are also a big help – they are about as close to the real thing as you can get. But for me, being able to apply my class work in the clinical setting and see the difference I’d be making firsthand is what made me excited to continue in the program and become a nurse.


DSU: Do you have any specific memories from that?

ALICIA: One of my favorite experiences was actually a health fair that we held on campus. It was a way for the nursing students to educate our peers about issues that could affect them. We did blood pressure screenings and shared health information that’s relevant to college students. A lot of the students who came through the fair seemed to appreciate what we were doing, and, since we were all peers, it was easier for them to ask us questions and get the health answers they were looking for. That was when I realized that I was interested in the education side of nursing. Now, I’m the educator for the staff in my building.


DSU: How about the rest of your time at DSU? Did you live on campus?

ALICIA: I did. Even though I’m from Dover, I wanted to have the experience of living at school. I’m really glad I did, because that made it easier to get involved in campus life.  From concerts and social events put on by the Student Government Association to football games and job fairs, there was a lot happening on campus that I wanted to be a part of. Plus, I made some wonderful friends during my time at DSU that I still keep in touch with. So it was definitely a great experience for me, living on campus. 


DSU: What advice would you give to a future Hornet?

ALICIA: The best advice that I received was to get involved. Whether you live on campus or are a commuter student, there are countless resources at DSU. Go to a concert, play on a sports team or try out something completely different. Also, for nursing students specifically, I would encourage them to take advantage of all the real-world opportunities that are available. I learned so much about the profession from being out in the community. On campus, as well, there are so many professors who are knowledgeable and eager to help you understand the material. Don’t be afraid to reach out for a little extra help; in my experience, professors are more than happy to lend a hand!